Bugle P.I. — More Legal Trouble

The Bugle would like to apologize for the delay in further episodes of Bugle P.I. due to circumstances beyond our control.

Temporary Staff Re-assignment

The Bugle B&B is currently enjoying unprecedented success. ..

Crisis of Conscience

Staff Hijinks

The BB staff are filled with the spirit of a new year and, also, they are bored due to the lack of recent content from myself. ..

Christmas holidays

The Bugle staff might not be productive for the next few weeks. In Ireland, office Christmas parties are taken very seriously. From what we understand, it can take up to two weeks to recover. ..

Halloween in Ireland

Are you wondering about the significance of Halloween in Ireland? Have you wondered why your co-worker Pádraig Ó Branagáin calls October 31st “Samhain“?

Commenter of the Fortnight & Poll of the Fortnight

First things first: The Commenter of the Fortnight is Jaime B, mostly due to her comment relating the “ominous and quite condemning description of hurling by Philip Stubbes in 1583.” The staff of the Bakker Bugle are proud of their inquisitive minds and thorough approach to research, and they detect a kindred spirit in Jaime’s contribution. ..

Web Log

A collection of links with just a little guidance for each one.
What’s News in Ireland? ..


Tomorrow (Monday) is a Bank Holiday here in Ireland, so this is a three-day weekend for us. It would be an ideal weekend to travel — except that we spent most of the last week in Westport. ..


Have you noticed the poll on the right side of this blog? ..