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A collection of links with just a little guidance for each one.

What’s News in Ireland? These links represent the stories that seem to dominate the newsmedia of Ireland.

Independent: Provisions of road safety laws delayed
Ireland has multiple licencing levels for driving ordinary vehicles. There are provisional licences, second provisional licences, and learner permits. Many adults did not obtain full licences, in part due to long waiting periods, and in part due to the difficulty of the exams. Ireland’s national government announced a harsh new policy last week, and flip-flopped several times since then.

Independent: Potential replacements for Steve Staunton
Steve Staunton was the coach of Ireland’s national soccer team. Ireland looked terrible and failed to qualify for the Euro Cup 2008. The FAI, the governing body for Irish soccer, are looking for his replacement.

Independent: Pharmacists in Ireland are well-compensated
Irish pharmacists began withholding methadone from recovering drug addicts, as a statement against decreasing reimbursements from the national government. This action is widely reviled as punishing the most vulnerable members of society.

Independent: Ordinary investors may be caught in Lynn scandal
Michael Lynn is a lawyer and property developer (thus combining the two most despised professions). He took multiple mortgages on properties by exploiting banks’ apparent willingness to overlook the previous mortgages and the fact that he was bankrupt. It looked like he fled Ireland, but he appeared in court today.

Random Interesting Links: There are things that I want to share, but I can’t take the time to “write up.” For example…

Irish Post: Dublin musician affected by Litvinenko’s Polonium 210 poisoning

Irish Independent: “I admit it, I’m a bigot about gingers”
A must for fans of South Park. The term “ginger” is fairly common here!

The Comics Curmudgeon
A blog consisting of hilarious analyses of comic strips. Anita and I are big fans.

BoingBoing: Irish Bureaucrats raid the national identity database
Shouldn’t this be a big news item in Ireland?

Irish Independent: EU reviews wire rope crash barriers
This type of barrier became very common in the US over the past few years. The EU discovers a disadvantage.

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    30 October 2007

    Thank you for summarizing the Irish news highlights. This is your own version of “The Week”? Where do I subscribe??