Caption Seven

Hello, friends! After a bit of a delay, the Bugle staff prepared another photo for your captioning virtuosity. ..

Caption This! Round 6

It’s back to ancient Rome with Round Six. It looks like some of our participants are getting close to the goal, so we’ll have to actually create the prize in the next week or so!

Caption Five

Hello, Bugle readers! You’ve probably had enough of Italy, from the photos posted this week. So Caption Five is once again from a photo taken in England.

Caption This! Round 4

Caption Image Four is a departure from ancient Rome. It is also a tribute to our fellow residents of the British Isles.

As usual, click on the image for the full-size version.

Caption This! Round 3

Good job to all who participated in Round Two. Click to see the next photo:
As usual, click on the image to see a full-size version.

Caption This! Round 2

Here’s your second photo, ready for clever and comic captioning:

The Caption Contest Rules

The Bakker Bugle is proud to announce another contest for its beloved readers!

BuglePoints™ for your captions!

Coming soon: foto di Roma

Anita and I spent all last week in Rome — on vacation no less! There will be lots of photos on Flickr soon.

Olympic Summer Fun continues!

Here at the Bugle, the Olympic fun doesn’t stop just because the events in China came to a close!

Commenter of the Fortnight & Poll of the Fortnight

First things first: The Commenter of the Fortnight is Jaime B, mostly due to her comment relating the “ominous and quite condemning description of hurling by Philip Stubbes in 1583.” The staff of the Bakker Bugle are proud of their inquisitive minds and thorough approach to research, and they detect a kindred spirit in Jaime’s contribution. ..