Christmas holidays

The Bugle staff might not be productive for the next few weeks. In Ireland, office Christmas parties are taken very seriously. From what we understand, it can take up to two weeks to recover. So the staff apologize, in advance, if they are not able to maintain the levels of Bugle excellence that you expect.

Relax, enjoy your own festivities, and look forward to lots of new stuff in the new year!

2 Comments to “Christmas holidays”

  1. Jaime B said...
    14 December 2007

    WOW – either I work for the wrong company or for the wrong company in the wrong country. I had no idea actual Christmas parties bore ANY resemblance to the carnage of the one depicted in the Bridget Jones movie. Bravo and Brava to the Irish office workers who keep the office parties provocative.

  2. sharon said...
    14 December 2007

    Well our christmas party was a limited lunch menu at Jimmy’s Charhouse with 1 snarky waitress for ~40 people, which each person got to pay $14. Some couldn’t make it because they had the very virulent stomach flu. Of course we did get the free holiday dinner for lunch & only had to pay $2 for the leftover roast beast hash the next day. My boss is actually taking us out to lunch next week. Happy Holidays!! & besides there are no single men who work at Abbott to hook up with.