New Christmas Market! Metz, France

Metz isn’t far from Luxembourg — less than an hour due south by car or by train. In Luxembourg, its Christmas Markets are well-known but not as popular as those of Trier. ..

And the winner is….

After four long weeks away from Luxembourg, Will arrived home Friday morning. ..

Schueberfouer does not mean “Sheep Fair”

So “fouer” pretty clearly means “fair” in Luxembourgish. ..

Assumption Weekend

This Monday was the Feast of Assumption and we used our time to challenge assumptions about Luxembourg…
Nope. Can’t do it.

Prompt Post: Echternach Balloon Festival

Hot air balloons are a familiar sight in Luxembourg. As Will showed you yesterday, four balloons were “inflated” for the Gala, although none of the four lifted off the tarmac. ..

Tour de Luxembourg: Part 2 of 2

The Tour de France is reaching its climax, so naturally the Bugle turns its attentions to the Tour of Luxembourg of early June 2011. (Plus, yesterday’s rest day gave me some extra time to catch up.) Part One took you to the opening time-trial in Luxembourg-Ville (the Prologue), and from the beginning of Stage 1 in the west of the country to the end in the south-east. ..

Sunday under the city: The Aqua Tunnel

We love living in Luxembourg, but we haven’t always made the most of the various opportunities to enjoy the local culture. ..

Best of the Tumble, 12 Sept 2010

Alert readers have noticed, by now, a list of intriguing links and comments in the rightmost column of this blog. This is the Bugle Tumble. ..

Vertigo at the Schueberfouer

The Schueberfouer will end Wednesday, so we visited one more time this Sunday. It was packed! We took lots of photos, of course, to give you a feel for the event.

Cruise photos, at last!

You may remember that, this May, we celebrated our long-term success with a cruise. Now, our short-term delay in posting our photos from that cruise has come to an end!