Tomorrow (Monday) is a Bank Holiday here in Ireland, so this is a three-day weekend for us. It would be an ideal weekend to travel — except that we spent most of the last week in Westport. So we’re glad that we didn’t plan ahead and that we find ourselves at home.

Tomorrow morning, the Dublin Marathon begins on our doorstep. The start is on the corner of our street, so this will be the biggest and the closest sporting event since we moved here. We walked around the neighborhood today, to see the hardware of the event gradually come together.

We’re looking forward to peeking our heads above ground tomorrow and seeing how the marathon is using our sidewalk. The weather should be ideal for the runners (unlike the Chicago marathon, from what we hear.) That’s the big excitement for our weekend, folks!

We’re still trying to figure out how Dubliners celebrate Halloween. It’s important — we can see that — but we don’t know whether children trick-or-treat. We do know that some women celebrated Slut-o-ween this past Friday night!

Next weekend, we’ll go to an Andrew Bird concert at a venue that’s a short walk from our home. And I’ll cook up something else during the week.

Thanks to those who voted in the poll. The lone “No” vote was my own second vote, so we had a total of 10 votes with varying degrees of positivity. Dave’s objections are moot and that’s all I have to say about that.

We will try for a high standard of interestingness in future polls, so that you’re compelled to participate. And yes, Sharon, you’re welcome to vote more than once … if you can fool the Bugle’s ultra-sophisticated VotrTrackr 3000!

Watch Monday morning for the Commenter of the Fortnight and a new poll. Enjoy your Sunday!