Random Happenings 9 – Part 1

I have found this a difficult post to write. May was a busy and emotional month for me. I believe I have put off writing about it because I haven’t fully processed the changes. ..

Random Happenings 8

[Anita’s note: I wrote this blog post on the last day of April with the intention of inserting the photos and publishing in the first few days of May. Then…. May happened. ..

We’re Back (again)

We’ve been busy. Unfortunately, we were so busy that we neglected our blog. In fact, we neglected our blog so much that we forgot to pay the bills and the domain agent pulled down the site. ..

Stuck on You, Lionel Richie

I have been waiting a long time to post the following image, and now I have an excuse.

The excuse? Mr Richie played a concert in Luxembourg last week. That is all.

“Bugle Blog Back,” Bakker Beseeches Boosters

So, it’s been awhile. I did get your messages. I really don’t have a good excuse.
You know, let’s just try to re-start on a pleasant note. How about some flowers?

Killing us softly…..

I love cut flowers, especially the spring bulbs (tulips and hyacinths) and the summer garden flowers (zinnias and the like). ..

I speak French with a German accent, apparently

I had to travel to Morocco to get a straight answer. French adults don’t acknowledge my accent, bless their hearts. French children just say that I talk funny.

Living, in the pantry

Contrary to what you see most of the time here at the Bugle, our lives are not completely filled with travel, history and fun. ..

Oh, American Press, bless your heart

The US State Department released a broad travel advisory for Europe on Sunday. It cautioned Americans who are traveling to Europe to be extra vigilant. ..

You know you’ve settled into Europe when…

…you are stunned each time that somebody thinks your Visa has expired because it is dated 04/09/2010.
Culture consists, in part, of the customs that you take for granted. ..