Staff Hijinks

The BB staff are filled with the spirit of a new year and, also, they are bored due to the lack of recent content from myself. Their playful demeanor led them to adopt a less than respectful attitude toward their superiors — albeit with generally good intentions.

So it was that the latest poll proposed a course of self-improvements for Anita and myself. You may have noticed the new poll yesterday, which asked, “How should Anita & Will improve in the coming months?”

It’s a reasonable question and a good idea for a poll of our readers. Nevertheless, in the staff meeting today, I clarified the hierarchy of the Bakker operation. The result was a slight change to the poll.

As always, your suggestions are most welcome. Please add your own entries to the ballot of improvements, and remember that the poll is completely anonymous.

I think the Staff will find that they have plenty to do in the coming weeks: Winter Break is over.

1 Comment to “Staff Hijinks”

  1. Sharon said...
    15 January 2008

    I knew you meant both of the staff (nice CYA though).
    I didn’t mean to cause a disturbance in the force.
    I voted for more nightlife!!! responsibly on the weekends of course.
    & just in case people forgot the last poll- death by sheep won.
    I am also watching my step here too- just in case.
    I think all of the goals are lofty & I hope to do all 4 listed above in the poll.