We’re Back (again)

We’ve been busy. Unfortunately, we were so busy that we neglected our blog. In fact, we neglected our blog so much that we forgot to pay the bills and the domain agent pulled down the site. ..

Begging your patience

We beg your patience once again. It has been a busy month at the BBB&B.
Incidentally, we have a new policy regarding maximum occupancy at the BBB&B. ..

A day in my life at the BBB&B

[Editor’s Note: Sharon is a founding member of the Friends of the Bugle. ..

BBB&B guests relax during travel turmoil

Rest assured that the guests of the Bakker Bugle B&B are comfortable during their extended stay in northern Europe. ..

BBB&B Update: September shakedown

Please forgive the staff for their negligence of the blog these past few weeks. We had an important visit from the mother company to see whether the B&B is ready to open for business. ..

The wine glass that ate Luxembourg

We knew that Ville-Haute was the premier shopping district in Luxembourg before we even visited the city. ..

B&B progress report

Greetings, faithful readers! The Bakker Bugle enterprise appreciates your interest in the latest advances in Bugle products and services. ..

It’s All the Finale, for National Day

Last night, we attended the pre-event festivities for National Day. By my early analysis, it would seem that the pre-event activities are the best part of the holiday. ..

Bakker Bugle B&B booked to the brim

We announce, with both pride and sadness, that the Bakker Bugle B&B is fully booked through the end of its presence in Ireland. ..

To a new country, to find new adventures

The staff had some fun on the first of this month, but our move to Luxembourg is no April Fool.
My work will take us from Dublin to Luxembourg City later this year. ..