Temporary Staff Re-assignment

The Bugle B&B is currently enjoying unprecedented success. Bugle management accurately predicted a major increase in the B&B sector, but due to the overall business climate, it also opted for a conservative approach to headcount and staff overtime during the Early Summer period.

The delightful weather of the past few weeks (together with Bugle’s world-class service) proved a boon for B&B guests, but behind the scenes, the ballooning business became troublingly busy. So, Bugle brass bounced Blog labourers to Beds and to Breakfasts. The bountiful beams and balmy breezes were a mixed blessing, because they built a brand-new burden for our Blog staff.

The Bugle is happy to report the capable employees of our blog division are helping keep our B&B operations at a 100% level of satisfaction. Unfortunately, customers of our blog have experienced reduced posting frequency and a mitigation of post noteworthiness metrics. We appreciate your loyalty during this time.

Today’s expatraveltainment industry requires adaptability. The Blog division of the Bugle family is confident that this period will grow a versatile knowledgebase that will serve all our stakeholders very well in the near future.

5 Comments to “Temporary Staff Re-assignment”

  1. Dave said...
    27 May 2008

    Sounds like it’s time to outsource the Blog Division! We’ll stick with you during the busy turism season.

  2. Will said...
    27 May 2008

    Dave, you have the excess capacity, don’t you? Put in a bid!

  3. Dave said...
    2 June 2008

    As long as I get paid in Euros, I’m game. But I’ve never been to Ireland, and since the Irish National Team didn’t qualify for Euro 2008, I’m not sure what I’m qualified to write about.

  4. Keely said...
    5 June 2008

    I love smart aliteration and the invention of new words (i.e. expatraveltainment), new to me anyway. Keep up the good work!!

    Could anyone explain the difference between and correct usage of i.e. and e.g.?

  5. Anita said...
    6 June 2008

    I can!

    i.e. means “that is”

    e.g. means “for example”

    I got a lesson on that one in one of my first plan packages as a Financial Analyst. Thanks Tom W.!