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The stories of the Bugle P.I. are getting complicated, and the long periods between posts do not help the situation of the poor reader of the blog. ..

P.I. in the comix

I hope you didn’t miss the last few weeks of Judge Parker in the funny papers. ..

Bugle P.I. — More Legal Trouble

The Bugle would like to apologize for the delay in further episodes of Bugle P.I. due to circumstances beyond our control.

Bugle P.I. — Lost in Thought

By the time I left my study session at the cafe, the roads were covered in slush and the cars were regularly spraying dirty, ice-cold water on pedestrians like myself. ..

Bugle P.I. returns after late-winter hiatus

Editor’s note: Our American audience is probably accustomed to long breaks in narratives, given the recent television writers’ strike. ..

Bugle P.I. — Legal Trouble

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Chicago: Tuesday, 22 January, 03:05
Eddie met me at the international terminal in a car that still had about three inches of snow on the roof. ..

Monday P.I. — boiled down

Dublin: Monday, 21 January, 22:30
I was in the Dublin airport, waiting for my flight to Chicago, when I got my next chance to stop and think. ..

An implicit threat & an explicit request

Monday, 21 February, 9:45
I’d been knocked to the ground, so I expected to be knocked out cold within seconds. That’s usually the way it happens. ..

Monday in the Park, counting pebbles in the path

So I wandered around the park for a while, picking up as many details as I could. There were floodlights, generators, and big boards of electronic equipment. ..

Flashback: Last Monday

Monday, 21 January 2008, nine am.
The workers around the park seemed a little less tolerant of my presence on Monday morning. ..