Christmas Markets, Part 2

…with bonus New Year’s Eve!

First, let’s wrap up the Netherlands with a Christmas-specific store in Leiden. ..

Huet den Houseker der eng Rutt bruet?

Translation: Did the man in black bring you a stick?

Queen Beatrix visits Luxembourg!

This is a prompt post on something that happened TODAY!
One of the many parts of my job at A Big Corporation is to get government approvals, which we call apostilles. ..

SOPA/PIPA blackout today

We shy away from politics here at the Bugle Blog, although our editors are quite politically active. ..

Wrapping up the holiday season

First, we need to finish the previous post and give you the link to our movie of Kleeschen.

In the US, chocolate eggs were for springtime, specifically Easter. ..

Léiwe Kleeschen, gudde Kleeschen

Kind Saint Nicolas, Good Saint Nicolas,
brings us all kinds of good things… — Traditional Luxembourgish Carol
Schéi Kleeserchersdag! Happy Saint Nicholas Day! ..

Something for the kids

One thing that holds true across the Western world as we know it: Christmas is devoted to the children. ..

Schueberfouer does not mean “Sheep Fair”

So “fouer” pretty clearly means “fair” in Luxembourgish. ..

Assumption Weekend

This Monday was the Feast of Assumption and we used our time to challenge assumptions about Luxembourg…
Nope. Can’t do it.

National Day!

It’s National Day in Luxembourg! (We posted three times about National Day 2009 — one, two, three — and once in 2010.)
Perhaps this is a good time to note that, for the first time since the 18th Century, the rules of succession for the throne of Luxembourg have changed.
Other than that, we suspect that this National Day will be much like the previous two. ..