Bugle P.I. — More Legal Trouble

The Bugle would like to apologize for the delay in further episodes of Bugle P.I. due to circumstances beyond our control.

The Bugle was placed under a gag order pursuant to a libel suit filed in courts in both the United States and Ireland. These gag orders prevented Bugle staff from publishing episodes and from explaining the delay. That order expired as of June 15, and no further legal hindrances are anticipated.

The second reason for the delay is a happier one. The Bugle is currently under negotiations for a book deal arising from the Bugle P.I. series. Our legal advisors suggested that we halt progress on the story until some fundamental issues in the negotiations were resolved. The status of those negotiations must remain confidential for the time being, but we are now in a position to recommence the story.

You can look forward to several episodes in quick succession, so please review the story so far in the next week or so. Cheers!

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