Commenter of the Fortnight & Poll of the Fortnight

First things first: The Commenter of the Fortnight is Jaime B, mostly due to her comment relating the “ominous and quite condemning description of hurling by Philip Stubbes in 1583.” hurley30oct2007.jpgThe staff of the Bakker Bugle are proud of their inquisitive minds and thorough approach to research, and they detect a kindred spirit in Jaime’s contribution. Jaime B is, therefore, the winner of the coveted Broken Hurley.

It’s worth revisiting the hurling post to appreciate Jaime’s find. It also recalls the question asked here in August, “Is Hurling Violent?” That discussion is currently on hiatus, but we may need to bring it back in the near future, given Mr Stubbes’s observations.

An honourable mention must go to Dave, for bringing a celebrity to the ranks of the Bugle’s commenters.

Second: A new poll for our faithful readers! The “Web Log” post, just prior to this one, is little more than a collection of links. Here’s the story:

The staff find interesting tidbits as they diligently research primary topics for the Bugle. And, once in a long while, they drift around the internet — only on break, of course. Day after day, the staff bring Will these links, eager to share them with the Bugle’s readers.

But the staff don’t work for free, and Will demands high quality writing for Bugle Blog posts. Some of the links are lost, and others become stale.

An enterprising member of the staff made a business case for posts like “Web Log” and Will and Anita were impressed. Phase One of Project Minutiae is market research. Hence, the current Poll of the Fortnight.

2 Comments to “Commenter of the Fortnight & Poll of the Fortnight”

  1. Keely said...
    30 October 2007

    Thank you for adding fortnight as the word of the week. I’ll be sure to share this new found knowledge with my boys tonight. cheerio.
    do they say cheerio in ireland? i doubt it. Probably a London term, but I just had an urge to say cheerio, so I did.

  2. BleattMex said...
    6 December 2007

    emm.. thank you