We’re Back (again)

We’ve been busy. Unfortunately, we were so busy that we neglected our blog. In fact, we neglected our blog so much that we forgot to pay the bills and the domain agent pulled down the site. There was a tense week in early July were we feared that we had lost over six years of content and memories. Happily, for a small fee the domain agent restored our site and the content.

Unhappily, there was some link broken between the database and the blah, blah, blah. I don’t understand all the specifics, but it was difficult enough that Will didn’t have time or the desire to tackle the final fix. After several weeks, I suggested we ask our buddy Rachel if she would be willing to be hired as temporary Bugle staff and see if the problem was that terrible. Thankfully, Rachel was willing and with her magic touch, the BBB is back and running!

Over the last four months, we have done a few interesting things (and a few boring ones), we have developed new hobbies and we have made some new friends. We also watched a LOT of dogs.

Chester in June

Hana in June

Dexter in July

Dexter and Willow, together

Willow in July

Chester in August

Over the next weeks, I hope to tell you a few stories — and some of them might not even involve dogs.

4 Comments to “We’re Back (again)”

  1. Freeloader Mueller said...
    29 August 2013

    Glad we did not show up in the ‘watch the dog’ segment… :)

    Welcome back (and thanks, Rachel!!).

  2. Jane Hughey said...
    30 August 2013

    I LOVE your blog. I’m glad you’re back. (Katherine’s mom.)

  3. Ed Le Canard said...
    1 January 2014

    I’m so freakin relieved it’s not true!

  4. Norma Snokkars said...
    1 January 2014

    More interesting posts please.