Oh, American Press, bless your heart

The US State Department released a broad travel advisory for Europe on Sunday. It cautioned Americans who are traveling to Europe to be extra vigilant. ..

Census Sadness

Both of us read a lot of US news, even while following the local Luxembourg headlines. ..

Luxembourg by the numbers: From news352.lu

Anita and I stress the number of non-residents commuting into Luxembourg just about every time we talk about life in Luxembourg. To us, it seems to touch nearly every part of life here. ..

Bugle-Blog CLASSIC

The Bugle does not aspire to comprehensive coverage of anything in particular. So it’s not a revelation that we didn’t get around to all of our ideas for blog posts about Ireland. ..

The most useful phrase in French

Anita is becoming famous in some circles in Luxembourg for her French!
For months, she practiced one and only one phrase in French:
Je suis desolée. Je ne parle pas français.

We arrived in Luxembourg

We arrived before our stuff — “on holiday” for official purposes. We drove into Luxembourg with several large suitcases in the back of our Skoda estate (i.e. station-wagon). ..

To a new country, to find new adventures

The staff had some fun on the first of this month, but our move to Luxembourg is no April Fool.
My work will take us from Dublin to Luxembourg City later this year. ..

Friday’s Inauguration

I know, I know, the title is a weaker pun than even Bugle readers should expect.
We partied with friends at TGI Friday’s on St Stephen’s Green. ..

Give thanks for your butter

There are many things that I love about living in Ireland. There are a few things that annoy or trouble me. ..

Memo to North American tourists in Europe

Through a FOIA request submitted this summer, it has come to the Bugle’s attention that all American tourists travelling to Europe received the following instructions:
From: North American Tourist Authority
To: US and Canadian Citizens bound for Europe
Date: [redacted]
Dear US and/or Canadian citizens bound for Europe,
Tourists from North America have always been drawn together by the sound of their non-British accents. ..