The Ducks are Back Around

After a long winter of sticking to their pond, the ducks of Parc de Merl have spring fever!

How French is like golf, to me

I pray your indulgence as I attempt to articulate my present stage in learning French.

Interiors in violet

Both Will and I have always loved houseplants. One of the hardest parts about moving to Europe was finding homes for the 50+ plants we had in the US. ..

Pop Quiz

What two things were never seen in Dublin, but can be seen in Luxembourg?
1. Anita’s shoulders
2. Anita’s ankles
Folks, it hit 80 degrees here today. It was practically a proper summer.

Back in touch with the world

PRESS RELEASE: Bakker Bugle upgrades interweb access, begins new era of expansion
Friday, 26 June 2009
This morning, the Bakker Bugle completed one of the last phases of its ambitious plan to move its internet sourcing scheme to Luxembourg City. ..

We arrived in Luxembourg

We arrived before our stuff — “on holiday” for official purposes. We drove into Luxembourg with several large suitcases in the back of our Skoda estate (i.e. station-wagon). ..

Busy, busy — but time for art

Anita and I so busy that we’re just now watching the Eurovision 2009 broadcasts from last week. (Fantastacular! ..

Talking on the street in Dublin

The Irish government presented its emergency budget for 2009 on Wednesday, and I’d picked up a newspaper to learn about it, after finishing some frivolous shopping. ..

To a new country, to find new adventures

The staff had some fun on the first of this month, but our move to Luxembourg is no April Fool.
My work will take us from Dublin to Luxembourg City later this year. ..

Last Dark Grill of the Year

In 2007, the United States extended daylight savings time by three weeks. Europe did not. We will change our clocks this coming weekend.