New Christmas Market! Metz, France

Metz isn’t far from Luxembourg — less than an hour due south by car or by train. In Luxembourg, its Christmas Markets are well-known but not as popular as those of Trier. ..

Random Happenings 11

For two beautiful weeks I was caught up on blogging…. two beautiful weeks. As the end of the year looms, I hope to get the last two posts completed before we say goodbye to 2015. ..

Tour de France: One for the good guys

Let’s look back at the 2012 Tour de France! After La Planche des Belles Filles, we drove a little way off the course to our hotel in Mulhouse, which is not far from the Swiss border. ..

Tour de France: La Planche des Belles Filles

In late May, we poured over maps of the stages of the Tour de France. This year, we said, we would travel to see the cyclists climb the real mountains that we’ve seen so many times on TV.

Europe >= America, episode 1: Coke Zero

Anyone that spends thirty minutes with me will learn that I love soda, specifically products made by the Coca-Cola company.
In the past, I was a Diet Coke gal, but then Coke Zero stole my heart.

Luxembourg Culture – off the vine

Some of us continued our trend of getting out to local Luxembourg-ville events this weekend. Some of us had the stomach flu and had to stay home. ..

Oh, American Press, bless your heart

The US State Department released a broad travel advisory for Europe on Sunday. It cautioned Americans who are traveling to Europe to be extra vigilant. ..

The Tour de France: the October stages

The Tour isn’t over until the UCI says it is.
Alberto Contador finished the riding stages of the Tour de France on July 25, with the best time of all the competitors. ..

What was behind the big protest?

Why did thousands of people come to Place Clairefontaine last Thursday? As always, there is a simple answer that glosses a complex situation.

Will Bakker, International TV star

Many, many people do crazy, crazy things to attract the cameras covering the Tour de France.