Queen Beatrix visits Luxembourg!

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One of the many parts of my job at A Big Corporation is to get government approvals, which we call apostilles. ..

The Best of… lots of things

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Oh, American Press, bless your heart

The US State Department released a broad travel advisory for Europe on Sunday. It cautioned Americans who are traveling to Europe to be extra vigilant. ..

Best of the Tumble, 12 Sept 2010

Alert readers have noticed, by now, a list of intriguing links and comments in the rightmost column of this blog. This is the Bugle Tumble. ..

Best of the Week: News, 27 August 2010

First, the news of the last several days, courtesy ARA City Radio. Please note the changed link to their local news. ..

Luxembourg by the numbers: From news352.lu

Anita and I stress the number of non-residents commuting into Luxembourg just about every time we talk about life in Luxembourg. To us, it seems to touch nearly every part of life here. ..

Luxembourg News: 12 Feb 2010

First up: The Bakker household now has expert advice to support its plan to stay home and stay semi-prone this weekend:
Drivers are being urged to avoid travelling this week-end if at all possible. ..

Luxembourg News: 5 Feb 2010

It’s time for another survey of the week’s news in Luxembourg. ..

Luxembourg News: 27 November 2009

Local news for the week ending 27 November 2009:
Health minister Mars di Bartolomeo says he’s considering extending the national smoking ban from restaurants to include bars and discos also. ..

Luxembourg News: 15 November 2009

Headlines from the past week: Complicated Scam with Imported Carpets; Car Party for One; Luxembourgers Subject to Belgian Speed Laws; “Unashamed Policy of Class War”; Greenpeace vs Coal-fired Power; and Germans Now Threatened by Panther. ..