I speak French with a German accent, apparently

I had to travel to Morocco to get a straight answer. French adults don’t acknowledge my accent, bless their hearts. French children just say that I talk funny.

How French is like golf, to me

I pray your indulgence as I attempt to articulate my present stage in learning French.

La main d’Henry qualifie la France

“Henry’s hand qualifies France” — that’s my translation of the front page of L’essentiel this morning.

First, a short version of last night’s events: Ireland traveled to Paris to play the second match in a two-match series against France. ..

French lessons: Body Language

My last lesson with my tutor was a review of body parts. She didn’t know the english word for «le foie». ..

The most useful phrase in French

Anita is becoming famous in some circles in Luxembourg for her French!
For months, she practiced one and only one phrase in French:
Je suis desolée. Je ne parle pas français.

French Phrase for today: Faire le pont

Today I met my tutor for my sixth French lesson in the past fourteen days. I returned home with a French phrase that I’d like to share, and a set of photos to show you part of our new world. ..