Living, in the pantry

Contrary to what you see most of the time here at the Bugle, our lives are not completely filled with travel, history and fun. In fact, most of our time is spent working and maintaining our domestic world here in Luxembourg.

For those who haven’t been counting, we have lived in Luxembourg for just over a year and a half. In the last 20 months, we’ve created a home that we love and enjoy.

Except for the pantry.

Our pantry had, over the last several months, morphed into a nightmare. Returning from our US holiday, I knew that I could not just throw the new food in there — the whole thing needed to be cleaned and reorganized. Hello Ikea!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of the pantry before some items were removed. This is with about 30% pulled out already.

Like most organizing projects – it must get worse before it can get better.

Of course, we had to buy new stuff — from Ikea!

And we had to sort through every piece that was in there. Which was an excellent exercise, even it if did make us both want to cry.

We had an “Us Against the Pantry” attitude, so there was much less bickering than you’d expect.

In the end, we have an organized, clean and pretty pantry. It took nearly two days, but it was worth it.

Living in Luxembourg can’t be all wine and wonderful. Sometimes, you just have to be normal people… although I’m sure some of you would challenge me on just what “normal” means!

Can’t get enough pantry pics? There’s a little Flickr set for you!

1 Comment to “Living, in the pantry”

  1. Doug said...
    21 January 2011

    Congrats on the closet reorganization. Doing that kind of stuff is always satisfying when finished! Totally agree that you have to make a mess to make it better.
    Also, of note, I signed up for automatic updates when you update and it worked well – nice work.