To a new country, to find new adventures

The staff had some fun on the first of this month, but our move to Luxembourg is no April Fool.

My work will take us from Dublin to Luxembourg City later this year. We will take the Bakker Bugle with us, and our beloved readers, of course. We’re excited about the move and, in the next month or two, we’ll find out more about where and when we’ll take up residence.

Will and I will be learning a new city and new languages. You’ll read about our adventures at our new home and all over Europe. Plus, the BBB&B will be open and accepting reservations as soon as possible.

This change is no fault of Ireland, of course. We have a long list of things we love about this island and its inhabitants, and an even longer list of things we’d like to do before we go. It is simply time to take new opportunities elsewhere. Thank you, Ireland, for your hospitality, for your good graces, and for letting us be part of this exciting place.

And thank you, dear friends, for being our patient audience for the past two years. Your support means the world to us. We are so glad that we can take you with us!

3 Comments to “To a new country, to find new adventures”

  1. Keely said...
    6 April 2009

    congratulations, dear friends!! happy to see it’s a bit warmer in lux than in eire :)

  2. Rachel Hester said...
    9 April 2009

    That is wonderful! I have been addicted to this site for a year (because of the Ireland content), but I have grown to love the beautiful pictures and stories…and of course the “Caption Contest”! I will continue to tune in for the new adventure and wish you well!
    Rachel from Iowa

  3. Will said...
    28 April 2009

    Thanks Keely and Rachel!

    Rachel, I’m honored that you’ve become an internet-friend over the past year. I hope that we can meet in person someday, whether in Europe or in the US.