Message to the USA: Register to Vote!

Our absentee ballots for the Nov. 4 election in the US arrived today. Happy Day!

Books Report: Ireland and the Whole World

During a few rainy, cold days in June, I devoured two books: Jared Diamond’s Collapse, and John Waters’s Jiving at the Crossroads. ..

Required Reading for Ex-pats in Ireland

Before we moved to Ireland, our good friend and frequent commentor Dave gave me a copy of The Lonely Planet’s Irish Language and Culture. ..

American Politics in Dublin

I have political interactions with Dubliners more than twice a day (when I’m out and about). Here’s two from today.

Happy New Year

Last month, Anita and I spent several days in the American Midwest. ..


When we moved to Dublin, we made the choice of getting the “local” (UK) satellite system, called SKY. ..

Walking around…

As Sharon mentioned in the comments, we are walking a lot more since we moved to Dublin. Will is walking many kilometers every day because it is his major form of transportation. ..

Now I do hate the British

Many times, the cheapest airfare back to Dublin includes a connection through Heathrow. My experiences with Heathrow have not been positive. ..

Irish America, #1 of a continuing series

In my sister Theodora‘s neighborhood in Manhattan, there’s a pub that displays two Irish flags beneath the US flag: The Kinsale Tavern.

Travel in America

First, fair play to Dave for the Dubs spy-photo. I wonder what story brought that jersey to Lake County. Also, thanks to Sharon for the suggestion. ..