Census Sadness

Both of us read a lot of US news, even while following the local Luxembourg headlines. So I am well aware of the upcoming US census (http://www.census.gov/), from the anger over the Super Bowl commercial , to the return rates, to the questions on the form and whether they are reasonable.

But what I didn’t realize until about a week ago: we will not be counted in the census. Intellectually, I understand the reasoning. We don’t live in the US. Why should we be counted in the US numbers? But emotionally – I don’t want to be left out!

The fact that we will miss being in a census count could be important – not today or tomorrow, but 50 or 100 years from now. Recently, we have been working on a genealogy project for both sides of the family. (Mostly Will’s work.) The census data from the early 1900s was a treasure trove of information. My heart is a little sad to know that, for 2010, I will not exist from a US perspective.

Perhaps I’m being over maudlin from the long winter and I just need spring to come. For all our friends and family in the US, please remember that the census is important. Take it seriously and return those forms — the due date is this week!

3 Comments to “Census Sadness”

  1. Sharon said...
    2 April 2010

    I am guessing that you don’t count in a census of Lux either?? It is sad. Have you been watching “Who do you think you are??” genealogy program. I am sure you were counted in 2000 here & probably will be back for the 2020 so you only have a lost decade or so…

  2. The Expatresse said...
    3 April 2010

    I missed 2000. And this one now, too.

    Feels like that line from Evita: “As far as the generals are concerned . . . You don’t officially exist!”

  3. keely said...
    9 April 2010

    you count to me!!