BB B&B: Guest arrived

The Bakker Bugle B&B has had their second guest check in. Doug, Will’s brother, arrived early Thursday morning for a short visit. ..

Our Little Square

On Monday, I picked up our key to Fitzwilliam Square. ..

Commenter of Constitution Week

It’s typically pretty easy to become a contender for commenter of the week: Pander to either Will or Anita. ..

Walking around…

As Sharon mentioned in the comments, we are walking a lot more since we moved to Dublin. Will is walking many kilometers every day because it is his major form of transportation. ..

Irish Word: galore

Let’s start with an English loanword that originated in Irish: galore. ..

Photos for Phans of Cyclists and/or Bakkers

Hello, all! I just posted some photos of the Tour of Ireland on our flickr account. And I wrote a bunch of text for each photo. Are you sitting comfortably?

Buckeye Morning

After traveling the first part of September, Will and I were eager to reconnect with Dublin this past weekend. ..

Belay Yer Cutlass and Mind the Yardarm

Yo-Ho! A Jolly International Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day to ye! ..

Commenter of the Two Weeks ending September 16

Dave earned his second Commenter of the Week award by finding a little bit of Dublin in his own environs. ..

Happy Constitution Day!

Today is Constitution Day in the USA. How will you celebrate the 220th anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution by the delegates of the (First) Constitutional Convention? ..