Commenter of the Two Weeks ending September 16

Dave earned his second Commenter of the Week award by finding a little bit of Dublin in his own environs. Dave’s effort to document his sighting of the elusive Dubs-jersey in the wild was impressive. We can only imagine the smooth moves and onlywintwice_17sep2007.jpgcareless elegance of Dave’s Operation Cameraphone.

Fair play, Dave! Don’t take our allusion to British intelligence as a slight on your character. We all know that Bond belongs to the whole world.

“Fair play” means, roughly, “Nicely done” in casual Irish english. The tone is most often admiring and slightly impersonal: Artfully parking one’s car may earn a “Fair Play” from a passing pedestrian. Less frequently, I’ve heard it said with a begrudging tone: After Cork’s drubbing in the All-Ireland football championship Sunday, a Rebel might say to a Kerry fan, “Fair play to ye, Kerry mangled our best men, like.”

4 Comments to “Commenter of the Two Weeks ending September 16”

  1. Dave said...
    18 September 2007

    I never thought that I would need a camera on my cell phone, but now I know I couldn’t have been more wrong. Samsung was right, you need a subpar quality camera on your phone just in case you run into two gentlemen wearing Dubs jerseys. As Katherine and I are both huge Bond fans, I would never take an allusion to Bond as a slight on my character. And good choice on the pic, Connery is clearly the best Bond, (althought a couple more solid efforts from Daniel Craig can move him right up the rankings).

  2. Will said...
    21 September 2007

    I agree; I was surprised by how much I liked Craig as Bond. I expected to be put off by the prequel/not-a-prequel context of Casino Royale. But the cleverness, the action, and the irresistible character of James Bond made that seem irrelevant (as usual for the Bond series).

    May I remind you, Dave, that one of the duties of Commenter of the Week is to get someone new to comment. We’ll be generous and not force you to find two new people (for both weeks), but you’ve only got 36 hours so get cracking!

  3. Sharon said...
    21 September 2007

    Will – you forgot to mention that Daniel Craig is hot!!
    A major oversight.

    Also – he seems more human in that he actually gets hurt & bleeds.

  4. Laurie said...
    1 October 2007

    I think the term ‘man crush’ sums it up sufficiently.