Our Little Square

On Monday, I picked up our key to Fitzwilliam Square. We are now members of the Square’s association, and thus have the right to bring up to six guests with us onto the grounds of one of the last private parks in Dublin’s city centre.

Is it karma that summer ended, definitively, this week? What did we do to make the weather get so cold, so quickly? I will put on an extra layer or two and put some photos on flickr shortly.

The Irish use a charming euphemism for a cold snap: “It will be fresh,” or the always inviting forecast, “Fresher, with winds at near gale.” Here’s a rough definition for you: “Fresh” means “get out the gloves and sweaters, lads, ’cause it’s a weenie-shrinker.”

4 Comments to “Our Little Square”

  1. Dave said...
    28 September 2007

    Private park? Stepping on up in the world, huh, Will? Before you know it you’ll have a personal driver and chef.

  2. Will said...
    28 September 2007

    Stop it, Dave. I already have mixed feelings about the whole thing, as you can tell from the two links in the post. Right now, I’ll only let myself sit there if I spend that time thinking positively about Che, Evo Morales, Cuba, Hugo Chavez, and James Connolly.

  3. Sharon said...
    28 September 2007

    oooohhhh -someone’s not getting commentator of the week this week.
    Do not anger the blog master.

  4. Dave said...
    1 October 2007

    Wondering if I’m going to get fired now that I clicked on a James Connolly link. “Warning, Unionist Activity!!!”

    I think it would be really hot to get a T-Shirt with Connolly’s face on it. Like the Che shirts, except that instead of a good looking latin dude with crazy hair, it would be an old, balding, Irish dude with a mustache. This is a million dollar idea. You need a BB Online Store to start hawking your wares.