Walking around…

As Sharon mentioned in the comments, we are walking a lot more since we moved to Dublin. Will is walking many kilometers every day because it is his major form of transportation. I have the car, so during the work week I walk little, drive much. But on the weekends….

Living in an apartment has changed the way I get out of the “house.” Back at Shadowrock, I could slip out the back door and sit in yard, enjoying nature at my doorstep. While our back garden is a pleasant spot, only gets direct sun for a limited time each day. In order to escape the apartment and enjoy the day, walking has replaced sitting. Sometimes we walk as the main activity, other times we walk to get to a park to sit and enjoy the sun. Either way, I am definitely walking more.

It is easier to walk in the city, because you can go a short distance (or farther afield) and constantly find things that draw your attention or interest. Plus, with parking at such a premium, I would rather walk for 15 minutes than drive for 5 and struggle to find parking for 10. Will this continue when we are again living at Shadowrock? While I want to say yes, I’m afraid that I will fall back into the convenience of a car in the garage and plentiful free parking at every turn.

But until then, each Saturday morning that I wake up and see beautiful blue skies (like we saw again this weekend) I will prod Will out of bed and out into the street, for a walk around our city. Plus, maybe the walking will help counteract the excellent Irish butter that I seem to spread on everything. Man, it’s really good butter.