Now I do hate the British

Many times, the cheapest airfare back to Dublin includes a connection through Heathrow. My experiences with Heathrow have not been positive. ..

Playing with Technorati

Don’t mind me, I’m just the maintenance guy. I’m keeping the blog in line, checking the connection with its Technorati Profile. Have a good one.

Saturday, summarized.

“Annita P” is an anagram of “anti-nap”.
I’m just sayin’.

Irish America, #1 of a continuing series

In my sister Theodora‘s neighborhood in Manhattan, there’s a pub that displays two Irish flags beneath the US flag: The Kinsale Tavern.

Travel in America

First, fair play to Dave for the Dubs spy-photo. I wonder what story brought that jersey to Lake County. Also, thanks to Sharon for the suggestion. ..

On hiatus for a week

Due to unexpected travel for the staff, there probably won’t be any posts until September 11. We won’t award a commenter of the week for this week. ..

Re-decorating the Blog

No Labor Day holiday here! While Americans are BBQ-ing and watching baseball and all that American stuff, I’m going to play with the blog’s code. ..

All-Ireland Hurling final

Anita and I went shopping this afternoon, just off Grafton Street. On the way home, a local pub, Doheny and Nesbit’s enticed us. ..

Commenter of the Week (26 Aug – 1 Sept)

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Theodora! Theodora excelled in both quantity and quality this week. Her repartee on scones is especially notable. ..