BB B&B: Guest arrived

The Bakker Bugle B&B has had their second guest check in. Doug, Will’s brother, arrived early Thursday morning for a short visit. After four fast days, he’ll head back home on Monday.

Due to staff constraints, the Bugle will not award a commenter of the week for the Week ending September 29. Instead, we will award a commenter of the two weeks ending October 6.

Stay tuned for more exciting BB B&B updates. Our guest is keeping us plenty busy and we’re really enjoying having him here!

1 Comment to “BB B&B: Guest arrived”

  1. Doug said...
    5 October 2007

    So far a total of one post with all of the things we did in those 4 short days……I expected a few Anita braving the weather admirably to play a round of 18 with the boys! :)
    Hope all is well over there – thanks for having me – it was a blast and now I know I can just hop over the pond for a few days anytime.