Buckeye Morning

After traveling the first part of September, Will and I were eager to reconnect with Dublin this past weekend. While Will really wanted to reconnect via a nap, I thought a long walk around the neighborhood would be a better bet. And, since I’m “Annita P” I won the battle and we went for a walk.

Saturday morning was beautiful in Dublin. Cool, but with a warm sun that beat down from the sky. buckeyes.jpgWe walked towards the river Liffy, through the new south Docklands development. Strolling back home along the Grand Canal, we passed a small park a few blocks from our house. As we passed under the trees, Will pointed out the buckeyes on the ground.

For no particular reason, I love buckeyes. I think they are the neatest things. Once you get through the tough outer shell, the are smooth and interesting. Plus, there are the various medicinal purposes that buckeyes can be used for, if you suffer from certain afflictions. A remarkable little item.

We enjoyed our time back in the States tremendously. Still, I thought it was very nice of Dublin to give us a lovely welcome home, with sunny days and buckeyes on the ground.

3 Comments to “Buckeye Morning”

  1. Keely said...
    19 September 2007

    i’m most intrigued by the spelling of hemroids in your link. it just doesn’t look right. not familiar. i guess i should be thankful.

  2. Sharon said...
    20 September 2007

    Anita & Will,

    The buckeye reminds me of my nature craft days in 4-H & hot glue burns from making wreaths & what not.

    hey we never did get the scoop on the recent visit back to the States?
    Was it just to visit family, a cheap flight, or work-related??
    If it’s too personal – we really don’t need to know.

    Also- you guys seem very active in Ireland with all the bike riding & walking. Are you walking more because you are in a city & it is convenient vs here in the burbs. Or is it just, when in Rome, as walking is the more preferred method of transport in Europe & we are just lazy Americans. I hope we can keep up 8 weeks from now when we visit.

  3. Will said...
    23 September 2007

    Jaime and Sharon,

    Thanks for your interest! Anita was on a work trip, but I went back for an unexpected funeral.

    I went to New Jersey for my maternal grandfather’s funeral. He lived a long, fulfilling life. He had interesting stories, but he always acted like they were just routine.

    I believe that he taught me about a special kind of dignity: You shouldn’t expect praise, or rewards, or happiness because you made good choices — but you can walk tall your whole life. And that’s enough, so you shouldn’t be smug or self-satisfied about it. He helped teach me that doing the right thing is its own reward in the purest sense.

    It was good to see my family from my mother’s side, and some of my family from my father’s as well. There were many, many friends and family who came to Grandpa’s visitation and funeral.