Trivial Surprise #47

Coors Light is a real presence in Dublin. There are lots of billboards and commercials on TV for Coors Light, and they aren’t much different than American versions. ..

Ah, the Dubs

Sunday, County Dublin’s gaelic football team lost to County Kerry. So Kerry will play Cork for the All-Ireland title on September 16th.

I hate IE more than the British

Permit me a rant. For more than two hours this morning, I worked on a “Recent Comments” section for the BB Blog’s sidebar. I tweaked settings and code and got it looking very nice. ..

Commenter of the Week (19-25 Aug)

Our Commenter of the Week is Laurie! It was a down-week for posts from Bakkers, so Laurie came through in the clutch to contribute to the blog this week. ..

Do You Hate the British Too?

I’ve had the following conversation on three separate occasions with three different Irish co-workers:
Man: Hiya, Anita. What did you do on your holiday?

Up the Dubs!

Dublin’s football team will face Kerry in the semi-finals of the All-Ireland Football Championship, Sunday.

First Visitor, Departed

Good-bye, Cindy — We’ll miss you!
The B.B. B&B said, “Farewell,” to its first customer today. ..

Policy regarding award acceptance comments

The Management would like to clarify the policy regarding the acceptance of Commenter of the Week award in the comments for the succeeding week.

Rookie wins Commenter of the Week

Some people are recognized as leaders just as soon as they enter the fray. This week, we recognize one of these natural talents. ..

Hiatus: BB Staff Retreat

The Bakker Bugle staff will attend an offsite for the next few days. On this retreat, the staff will work on ways of re-focusing on our core values. ..