Hiatus: BB Staff Retreat

The Bakker Bugle staff will attend an offsite for the next few days. On this retreat, the staff will work on ways of re-focusing on our core values. The staff will also develop plans for innovative content to satisfy our clients’ expectations of excellence.

Although we value openness, the Bakker Bugle cannot divulge the location of the retreat for liability reasons. In addition, the Commenter of the Week award will be announced one day later than usual. Rather than compromising our unstinting standards of effectiveness, we will give the award on Sunday.

2 Comments to “Hiatus: BB Staff Retreat”

  1. Teresa said...
    15 August 2007

    I’m distraught by this post – not because you guys are gone, but because there are no random hotlinks imbedded in the text. I’m trying to find the hotlink to the visit Ireland section to make my reservations :)

  2. Theodora said...
    17 August 2007

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLEM! I hope your super secret retreat is super fun.