Policy regarding award acceptance comments

The Management would like to clarify the policy regarding the acceptance of Commenter of the Week award in the comments for the succeeding week.

A comment written by the winner of the Commenter of the Week award, in the week preceding the comment’s posting — that is, the week succeeding the notice given of the Commenter of the Week award, except where such award is given late due to secret retreat — shall not be considered as part of the contributions of the previous week’s Commenter of the Week, when such comment pertains to the award given in the preceding week. Thus, such a comment, as described above, may not secure for the Commenter of the Week for the previous week an award for Commenter of the Week where such week is the week succeeding the week of the previous award, that is, the week of such comment’s posting itself.

In haiku:
Winner of last week
Comments to accept award;
Other words, win twice.