Rookie wins Commenter of the Week

Some people are recognized as leaders just as soon as they enter the fray. This week, we recognize one of these natural talents. Jaime’s comment on Will’s new knife combined her personal experience with wise advice. We hope that her talents continue to develop over the next several weeks.

In addition, the Bugle staff would like to take a moment to recognize the contributions of all our commenters, both on the blog and for photos on Flickr. jaime18aug.jpgAt our retreat, we resolved to recognize the contributions of our stakeholders using effective processes. In the coming months, a committee will review our current processes to discover unrealized potentials. We expect things from this initiative.

Tomorrow, this blog will review some other results of our retreat. Today, the staff will implement innovative suggestions from our “Work-Life Balance” session. Unfortunately, that session was scheduled at the same time as the “Q&A with Our CEO” meeting. So the only person there was the administrative assistant who organized it. Fortunately, the CEO text’d one suggestion regarding Work-Life Balance to the All-Staff Distribution list during the Q&A. So the staff are allowed to take the rest of Sunday off, once they finish Sunday’s assigned tasks.

3 Comments to “Rookie wins Commenter of the Week”

  1. Theodora said...
    20 August 2007

    Ummm….your blog sounds suspiciously in the same tone as the Twisted Christmas 1.0 interview…rife with management/corporate B.S. Is it a family thing? It must be. :)

  2. Sharon said...
    20 August 2007

    Congrats to Jaime. I would just like to note that after receiving 2 of the 3 coveted commenter awards both Sharon and Jaime have booked a stay at the Bakker B&B for the week of Thanksgiving 2007. I don’t know if we would have been quite so motivated without the awards in hand. FYI – to all those reading – Aer Lingus is running some good deals on flights. -Sharon

  3. Jaime Baldner said...
    20 August 2007

    Wow! I am truly honored by the selection as commenter of the week. So unexpected. I wish I had prepared some comments. I’d like to say that I have been a dedicated reader of the blog since it’s beginning. In fact, your site was bookmarked as a “favorite” even before the blog was up and running. As Sharon pointed out, our enthusiasm is at an all time high and we have booked our trip with hopes of making the photo blog! (: Thanks again to the BB staff for this award. My day is definitely brighter.