My Secret Shame

I wouldn’t say that I’m a coffee snob. Still, several years ago, I switched from a drip coffeemaker to a french press and I frequently ground whole coffee beans. ..

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Cindy’s been here for six days, and we’ve seen a tremendous number of new things. Thursday and Friday, Cindy and I biked all over Dublin. ..

My New Knife

Anita bought a gift for me, and Cindy brought it in her luggage. It’s a lovely new chef’s knife. See how pretty it is?

Commenter of the Second Week

Faster than you can say “it’s time already?” the B.B. Blog is recognizing the latest commenter of the week. ..

Where to see new photos, for the next week

Cindy Smith will be the Primary Documenter during her visit, so take a look at her Flickr site for the latest photos from Dublin and beyond.

B.B. B&B open for business

The Bakker Bugle Bed and Breakfast is officially open for business! We checked in our first guest today: Cindy Smith, my wonderful mother. ..

First Commenter of the Week

Today we begin a new tradition for the Bakker Bugle, presenting for the first time, the Commenter of the Week award. ..

Fallow Deer in Phoenix Park

I think we had a proper summer week. There wasn’t much rain at all. It was even humid today! It felt like a late June day in Chicago, although the high was 71° F with 88% humidity. ..

Now, with weekly prizes!

To celebrate the Grand Opening of, this blog would like to announce a new feature:
The Commenter of the Week
On Saturday of each week, Will and Anita will choose the commenter of the week and award a lovely prize. ..

Bakker Bugle now online

This blog was supposed to be a minor part of the Bakker Bugle experience online. But the rest of was not ready for prime time. Until today.