Do You Hate the British Too?

I’ve had the following conversation on three separate occasions with three different Irish co-workers:

Man: Hiya, Anita. What did you do on your holiday?

Me: We spent the weekend in Dublin, and spent some time at museums and especially at Kilmainham jail. We heard a lot about the Easter Rising in 1916. During the week, we traveled to the West, around Galway and Connemara.

Man: And you liked it?

Me: We did, it was beautiful. But we joke that it could have been depressing because it was like a “Famine Tour.” We saw famine monuments, and we even finished the trip with a visit to the Famine Museum in Strokestown.

Man: So now you hate the British too!

103 Comments to “Do You Hate the British Too?”

  1. Dave said...
    27 August 2007

    I don’t hate the British… Mostly because they make me laugh. That Austin Powers is hilarious.

  2. Theodora said...
    27 August 2007

    um – i don’t hate the british, they like tea. and scones. And i like the way they say ‘schedule’
    okay – so the whole oppression-of-many-through-their-empire-thing, is certainly a big strike against them. But tea and scones! tea and scones! and clotted cream!!

  3. Will said...
    27 August 2007

    I agree with Theodora about the scones. But here’s why even that is a reason to hate the British: They withold decent scones from this island! It’s just like everything else: the Irish send their best stuff to England, and get nothing in return.

    I like Irish scones okay, but I have yet to find anything that approaches the delight of the perfectly ordinary scones that Anita and I had in Windsor.

  4. Theodora said...
    28 August 2007

    A trade deficit in tasty scones – a tragedy to be sure.
    Umm…Willem…shouldn’t you be careful about even saying that, never mind committing it to writing?? Might you not be tossed into the Irish Sea and be told to make a swim for your precious Windsor scones? I fear for your safety in the coming weeks. Watch your back man.

  5. Will said...
    28 August 2007

    As far as I can tell, it’s okay to enjoy British things. After all, most of the Irish heroes, particularly writers, spent lots of time in England.

    One condition: you must temper your admiration as follows: “I like the scones I had in Windsor, and I can’t find an Irish producer. Feckin’ bastards, those Englishmen.”

    One exception to the one condition: English Premier League soccer. Nobody (in Dublin at least) feels any need to temper their preference for the Premiership over the FAI League of Ireland. (If you’d like, I can write a post about this oddity.)

  6. Dave said...
    28 August 2007

    I would love to see a post on this. Given that the home base of this blog being in Europe, I think it’s lacking in good soccer analysis… But doesn’t the UEFA League Co-Efficient cover it: England 63.5 (Rank #3), Republic of Ireland 4.3 (Rank #40). Note that Ireland is rank behind such heavyweight leagues such as Moldova (6.8), Macedonia (5.3), and Liechenstein (4.5).

  7. Ryan Kennedy said...
    15 April 2008

    why do you hate the british-they are great-just like the majority of the world-it is a strong and diverse nation of many cultures and communities.
    i dont see the problem-please do not be ignorant towards those of whom you do not truly understand.

  8. Ryan Kennedy said...
    15 April 2008

    so is everybody here irish? i am part irish.

  9. Will said...
    18 April 2008

    Ach, no, I don’t think anyone intended to mean “everyone living in the UK or descended from such” when they said “the British”. On the contrary, most people in Ireland (and in the rest of the English-speaking world) respect and even emulate their favorite part of British society. You’re right, it’d be foolish to hate everyone in a nation!

    Now, what if “the British” means the power structures (or willful individuals or cultural norms) that oppressed peoples in Ireland and elsewhere? Then, it might be appropriate to hate the British. It might even be a moral obligation.

    But even then, I don’t hate the British. I have a great distaste for the arrogance of the British Empire in the 19th Century and a great sorrow for the lives and opportunities wasted at that time. But I don’t feel hate for it in the way that I do for other things. Still, I can respect Irish people who do feel that intense emotion due to their particular connections.

    I hope that clarifies things, Ryan.

    One more thing: Most people “here” are from the US. I’m an expat living in Dublin, and most of the people who read this blog (at least in 2007) did so from computers in the US. You’re welcome to check in anytime you like, and post more thoughtful comments!

  10. James said...
    25 April 2008

    British are great- I’ve been to England and it’s amazing. And loads of great people have come from there like sports people and comedians etc. :D

  11. Alex said...
    29 April 2008

    I live in the uk, im english, whats so bad bwt us, scones and tea? Thats new lol i havnt had tea or scones in months, u could atleast use something that us british eat more often lol lyk urm maybe chips, mcdonalds lol, britains been taken over by the youth, we own the streets, were more about violent behaviour, football hooligans and al that, as for someone mentioning austin powers lol far out of reality by the way thats not what we are like, i laugh at all you foreigners u gt no fukin clue wtsoeva haha ur a bunch of pricks fair play scummy lil gypsy rag head cunts. This is the real english language lol u always seem to percieve the british as we were 100 years ago, wel fukin dun lol, we do modernise through the years yano, this countrys sound, dnt like it dnt talk bwt it or fuck off init. Sound.

  12. Trish said...
    17 September 2008

    you guys such shit seriously

  13. Trish said...
    17 September 2008

    i live in the uk & the dont drink tea as much as u guys say lol

  14. Katie DeVan said...
    2 October 2008

    Hey Bakkers! Congrats on getting actual Brits to ridicule you on your blog! I haven’t checked out the Bugle in a long time – I’m glad to read that you’re doing so well. Kate

  15. William said...
    17 October 2008

    I live in the west country of England and am a quarter Irish. I’m very proud and am a huge fan of Irish and English folk music (yeah I said it). England used to be good but now is crap thanks to the Labour party and Normans (it all stems back to the damn French). Anyway I think the British empire was great as it spread civilizatioon to a lot of the world but it’s a shame that it’s not all the British isles anymore. It should be either all together or separate but friendly, no nasty tension or anything. And all the Irish people calling people “the British”, you’re British too. You live in the British isles. I saw a poll that said most Irish people consider themselves “British” overall. Having been to Ireland, I know how much friendlier people are there, but people over in great britain are really quite fond of Ireland as it’s like it was here before it got spoiled but industrialism. Anyway I want to move to Ireland because as I see it in the next 50 odd years the UK is going to collapse and get all shitted up. Yeah.

  16. William said...
    17 October 2008

    oh also, Fuck you Alex you chav scum. piss of back to Essex or wherever.

  17. james said...
    8 November 2008

    Alex do you have any idea how fucked up your race is….oh yes you must be looking at mirror once in a day mate….

  18. george said...
    9 December 2008

    Im English and i have to say, yeah, England is pretty wank. I moved to spain for 2 years when i was 19. As i moved alone i quickly got used to another culture and boy is it better than ours. As for watching my nation on holiday,well, embarassing doesn’t really say it all. If all people were a little more like austin powers then that’d be fuckin great. Obviously i’m not saying that every one here is a shithead. far from it. Our government on the other hand, well thats a differnet question and our ‘stiff upper-lip’ mentality means that they can use walk all over us and do what they want and we won’t stand up for what we really believe in. The only real community spirt comes form poorer communities because they have nothing else.
    thats my rant for today over.
    P.S – I do very much like a cup of tea haha

  19. george said...
    9 December 2008

    oh yeah, fuck you alex. baaaaaa

  20. selia said...
    20 December 2008

    Easy answer yes, I hate the fucking British, because I’m German! It’s very simple, they hate us Germans, so I hate the British!

  21. selia said...
    20 December 2008

    Easy answer yes, I hate the fucking British, because I’m German! It’s very simple, they hate us Germans, so I hate the damn Brits!

  22. george said...
    27 December 2008

    selia, you can go fuck yourself too! I love germans they crack me right up!

  23. Steve Pickling said...
    28 December 2008

    What a load of cobblers. There’s so much pent up anger! Why hate the British? We don’t really hate anyone, let’s be honest. An Irish friend of mine said that what annoys his countrymen the most when they are in the UK is that the Brits care so little about the things that wind up his countrymen.

    Britain has historically been an overwhelming force for good in the world, despite some horrifying mistakes. It makes me sad for my Grandad’s generation, who sacrificed everything for a free world, that there are some small minded bigots out there whose only reference points are events even further back in history, that hate my country.

    Ultimately the reason that the UK is full of friends from overseas is that Britain is an open, tolerant and friendly place.

  24. Will said...
    1 January 2009

    Mr Pickling: There’s pent up something, that much is clear. This comment thread just gets stranger over time.

  25. Steve Pickling said...
    5 January 2009

    Thank you Will.

    It’s clear to me that the very few people that read this blog are of the mindset that would have suited the rancid, sick, exploding hellhole that was Europe in 1944.

    That was the place that my grandfather and his mates parachuted into. Many of those mates did not come back. Many were maimed, both physically and mentaly when they got back. I suppose they would be proud that their terrifying, filthy, fetid experience in part allowed these silly little people to say what they wanted, however nasty, in freedom and without fear.

    But I don’t want people to think that those dark days, or any other dark days should be the standard by which we judge the present. That way would lie disaster, as we would all hate each other for ever more. That’s why I talked about the positive aspects of my country in my last post, just as your readers should of Ireland.

    But that is partly the fault of this article’s original question.

    So, one final thought: however light hearted your blog was meant to be, what if the question had been altered to say, “do you hate the Jews too?”, or “do you hate the Irish too?”. They’re not questions you hear asked, but it’s the same, and just as pernicious in the final analysis.

    So why not just pack it all in?

  26. Frederique Bucceri said...
    8 January 2009

    I am truly schock of all the nasty irresponsible comments. Truly not 21 st century or did we learn nothing about hating a nation, a race, a person…? Seriously, as a new year resolution why you don’t stop your childish blablabla and maybe try not to hate so much.
    Like M. Pickling said, what ‘s the contribution by creating a blog of “I hate the Americans or the Irish”? Truly who’s perfect?


  27. selia said...
    8 February 2009

    Okay, listen you know-it-all! I’m gonna tell you something! I don’t the fuck care…if you think this blabla is childish and noone tells me how I should feel about something or someone! I hate whomever I want, and if I say fuck the Brits than I mean it!
    I had my share of experiences…with these Islandmonkeys and I don’t wanna go into details!
    So just keep your preachings for yourself! After all, hatred makes the world go round.

  28. Steve Pickling said...
    11 February 2009


  29. selia said...
    13 February 2009

    Sad, oh yeah that’s so sad! What a mighty word!
    This really hurts me! *lol*

  30. Ed LeCanard said...
    13 February 2009

    I’m with the Pickling guy. You sound like you need help. Hate destroyed your country. Seems to me that you’re just the kind of person that Will Bakker’s earlier mistake, as pointed out by Steve Pickling, is bound to attract.

    Like flys to shit.


  31. saoirse said...
    27 February 2009

    It’s only 14 years ago that the brits were shooting Irish people dead on the streets of Belfast. They ransacked peoples homes on a daily basis. People couldn’t walk down the street without getting beat up by british soldiers. They and their unionist henchmen banned anything Irish – the language, dancing, music and sport and even in these days of peace they still try to deny anything that’s Irish — Do i hate the brits ??? You bet i do

  32. Marcus Nestor said...
    24 March 2009

    I cant stand the brittish. they are decent enough one at a time, when they’re outnumbered, in other words. Theres never been a more two faced race of humans

  33. Ben Dover said...
    26 March 2009

    Wow Marcus! You must have had a bad experience with a group of Brits. What happened? Were you outnumbered by them? Maybe they didn’t like racists and bigots. What do you think? What do you do if you’re talking to one while you’re alone, but then another one comes along?

    One idea I have is to swap “brittish” in what you posted for, say, Arabs or Jews, and see how that sounds. Or perhaps you wouldn’t notice anyway. What do you think?

    Mind you, there have been times when more than one Brit got together at the same time. Can you think of any times when this might have been so?

    By the way, where are you from? I’m English. So that makes me British too. Maybe if you tell us your nationality then other passing surfers can take a view. What do you think? Do you think?

  34. is mise le meas said...
    5 April 2009

    hey Will – Dia Dhuit. we are not british as an irishman you couldnt insult me more! that ‘term’ british isles is one ye created when ye painted maps red… we dont use that term, – use the Western European Isles that is more accurate. We are Irish we dont self-refer as brits cos we are hundred percent sure who we are – we are irish – taimid as Eirinn. And no dont proceed with your plans to move to ireland – we dont need mini-brit imperialists with outdated fascist political views on the origins of the irish and it would be very interesting to see that “poll” you refer to – i bet it was ten brits over on a stag night puking on our streets. No we are not brits we are Irish and only Irish ta omois agus cultur ndhuchais againn in Eirinn. Tir saor amhain i measc na tiortha saor san domhain. Eireann, intinn amhain, ar dteanga fhein, spioraid neamhsplachais taimid ina fheabhasachain arist!!!

    I am in love with the world and dont love nor hate the brits – you are the island blocking our view of europe and enlightenment. Clean up your smog and provide fresh air. Get on with it and dont claim whats not yours.

    Is mise le meas


  35. boogysplit said...
    7 April 2009

    I really cant stand most of the brits I have met…some are okay….but most are biggots, racist, or just think too highly of themselves..that is the impression I have gathered from the ones I have met…I cant stand soccer! Halibut is way better than cod, and there isnt enough to do on that overcrowded island…America has everything to offer from the desserts, to the mountains, forest, oceans….you name it, we have it! sorry brits…but the importance and favor of your country is simply….fading awaaaaaaayyyyyyyy.

  36. boogysplit said...
    7 April 2009

    also many people on that island claim diversity is the way of life for them…..your perceptions are cloudy at best. Im not trying to be bias toward America, we do have our problems, and diversity is probably one of those problems we have that cause this economic downslide we are having….but there is no other nation to my knowledge that is as much of a melting pot of all nations, considering nearly 50% of the people in the nation isnt even a US citizen….50%!!!! and half of that are illegals from the latino population, all the rest are from all walks of the planet. Yet many conversations I have had with citizens of the UK claim most cultures we have devoloped over the past 200 years all come from them..I admit some are from other countries and some from the UK, true…but, we have changed those and absorb so much of the world that we turn these things into our own, in our own way for example cars, literature, cuisine, art, arcitecture, and a pride that can be matched by none….I find many british (not all) are full of themselves. and perhaps things would be better if you try to find what you can do for the world, and not base so much of your opinions on the TV shows you watch….turn the tube off and learn more about the world…that island isnt the only place in the world.

  37. Steve Pickling said...
    8 April 2009

    The nastiness goes on and on…

  38. Marcel Oie said...
    8 April 2009

    Boogysplit: why don’t you try looking up the number of US citizens who hold a passport, by comparison with the number of Brits? Sort out your facts before spewing trash. You are an incoherent fool. I should imagine everyone you meet thinks highly of themselves in your presence. I’m French, so why don’t you add us to your silly little world of places to decry. It sounds as if you’re best off staying in Shitkicksville, or whereever you are, out of everybody’s way. Look up apostrophe too while you’re at it.

    As for is meas le meas said – wow, that’s just incredible!


  39. boogysplit said...
    8 April 2009

    marcel: spewing trash? not sure what you mean. and Im not here for literature lessons, and ill type shorthand when I feel like it. Im not sure why you are getting upset, I didnt say or mean anything offensive, and the numbers between America and the UK dont even compare due to size difference, and i know what im talking about when I speak of the illegal immigrants, its a regular occurance here, and a top subject. I dont go trying to tell you about your country….those are just experiences I have had with several from that general area….just as my grandparents have had experiences with the french surrendering to the nazis…its just an impression that is put off…….tell me if im wrong, but, people do judge others based off of actions and opinions…sucks sure, but its true. your comment doesnt make any sence to me, perhaps we both are mistaken when it comes to eachothers thoughts…but I am entitled to my opinion, im not a fan of the british, because they are not a fan of me…just as you and i are to eachother right from the go. and we dont know a damn thing about eachother. so stop trying to make yourself so upset.

  40. boogysplit said...
    8 April 2009

    ohh, btw Marcel…..your a total hipocrite….”shitkicksville”. intelligent….you MUST be the sharpest tool in the shed. you dont even know where it is that you are trying to insult.

  41. Barry Cade said...
    9 April 2009

    Boogy: you really are a complete turd.

    I think Marcel must have meant that you should compare the proportion – relative to population – of Brits by comparison with the proportion of Yanks who hold passports. You were incoherent too with your nasty little tirade. By the way, I wouldn’t have fancied living in Alsace in May 1940. Try reading Flight to Alsace by Antoinne de Saint Exupery, or The Big Show by Pierre Closterman.

    I bet you could rattle off a jaundiced, nasty little list of things you don’t like about a lot of places. You just sound like that kindaguy. It’s little cretins like you who spew trash (to quote Marcel) that really sour the world with half thought through, incoherent ideas, based on half-truth bits of selected history, and conveyed with little or no care. I think we’d all be better off by not corresponding with “no brainers” like you.

    It is YOU who should get out more – or perhaps you don’t like being outnumbered like Marcus Nestor, or having your view of enlightenment spoiled like the thoroughly enlightened Niall. What a nasty bunch of small minded tossers.


  42. Marcel Oie said...
    12 April 2009

    Boogy – I don’t need to know. I made it up. Are you in some kind of institution? Or shall we call the authorities to help? Have The Waltons got you up that mountain?

  43. Lucy Heiderbacker said...
    12 April 2009

    Come on guys! It’s no wonder that there are Brits who might get a bit agravated at us “Yanks” throwing stones.

    Lets face it, atrocities in Vietnam, including massacres (Mai Lai, 1968), 2 million Vietnamese killed; US soldiers inured to the most extreme levels of barbarity to the point that they would kill not only combatants, but also Vietnamese civilians without a second thought; “Gooks”; land that’s still strewn with millions of land mines so that scores of children yearly have limbs blown off; land and environment poisoned by napalm and Agent Orange to this day. Try watching Winter Soldier. Not one made by Mel Gibson I’m afraid!

    Then there was Cambodia, Haiti, Panama, Grenada… “So the whole oppression-of-many-through-their-empire-thing, is certainly a big strike against [the Brits].” Give it a break Theodora! Look at the mess in Israel now. The Israelis don’t make those shells, missiles and airplanes do they?

    Or what about Iraq. (The Brits not exactly without blame on this one I suppose). But consider the facts: Abu Ghraib torture; Fallujah; estimates of between 600,000 to 1.2million Iraqis killed since 2003. 5 million Iraqis displaced; estimates that US forces were killing up to 10,000 Iraqis daily at one point.

    Will Bakker didn’t even set the record straight properly. As a born and bred American, I have to say it came across a bit self righteous and weasely.

    So as responsible Americans abroad, lets consider our own, more recent history before piling in to the country that is our best ally bar none. Let’s think how the World might see the US.

    Are you going to start pasting the Germans when you get to Luxembourg? Let’s get a grip guys.

  44. boogysplit said...
    12 April 2009

    Barry, you are mistaken and Im not sure what it is you are pissed off about…is it the fact that I have my own personal opinion on people? Do you realize you gave a perfect example of the reasoning behind my opinions…mainly with your whole ideas of comparison between Europe or the UK to America and cause yourself to get angry…for what?…its the same typical thing I put up with out of most of the Brits I have met in my life. I have seen much of the world in my time, and I have made up my mind about what is comfortable for me and my lifestyle, and what it is that I find as a suitable place to live…the UK in my opinion is not one of them based on my hands on experience with the citizens of the country….Im not sure what you mean by half-truths. I dont belive I said anything that wasnt true to my knowledge, could you please explain. now for marcel…I have met people from all over the world…been to Russia, Hong Kong, Korea, Germany, the UK, Canada, The Netherlands, was married in Scotland, and spent some time in South America. most of those places where very welcoming to visitors and displayed a great deal of respect…except for the british. which was hell bent on trying to compare themselves to America, or the other way around, im not really sure what it was they tried to convince me of. But it grew tiresome, and it was a sign of disrespect. those are instances I encountered from…lets say 8 out of 10 people I had met there. and thats not a half truth. I believe you should know what you are talking about first before you start spewing garbage about a place you know probably nothing about. I do not need to add the french to any list…trust me, they dont need any help being disliked….it would be difficult for me to find someone around here who have something good to say about the people. I have no personal opinion on the french however, because I choose not to put myself in a situation that seems to be doomed before it starts, you are an example I will consider before I approach any of the french. Now people, I never said every one of the british suck, not once…I have had some pleasant experiences with a small few, based on my opinion, I was only answering a question….and what was in return was aggressive feedback from people who have their own opinions about….??? Im not sure…but this was my opinion, a god givin right, and Im stickin to it. I never said America was perfect, but it is still a very young county (government anyways) and its a pretty rad place to be from my experiences compared. So get mad Frenchy and wherever you are from Barry…it shows me, that it is not customary of your nature and way you where brought up to respect others opinions. not sure if that is the way it is in your countries, towns or families…but something happened there to make you think its normal to get angry when people express something you do not agree on. Lucy….have you read up on Vietnam? done any studies? Im not attacking you btw, so relax just in case. children where used as walking time bombs, where a grenade was strapped to them, and then sent out to a soldier…pretty disgusting, and full of drug addiction and horror…it was a mess of a war, and its not something to be proud of I agree…but you should not base your opinions on Movies or television, and im a little confused why you brought up was kinda stupid, you see…the english tried invading and failed, then the french invaded around 1650 or sometime around that and the cubans took over because of an overthrow…later the US got involved based on treaty, but wasnt it just 4 days long? and the UK got in the middle of it…probably because they wanted it to begin with as a part of the UK. along with the Canadians…it was a short lived…whatever you want to call it. Its a choppy version of the story, and if you read up on it im sure you will be able to make sence of it…I appologize if it was too vague a story, but I think I got most of it right…im not a history teacher. but yeah, my point is it was 4 days long and should not have been compared to those other wars you stated, I find it to be insignificant to the subject.

  45. Rose Bush said...
    14 April 2009

    Boogy – I’m a Texan. I’ve read your posts. You’re a stupid prick. It’s no wonder people don’t like you much. You look to have done the comparing and judging to start with. Why shouldn’t people get angry with your kind of garbage?


  46. boogysplit said...
    14 April 2009

    its not people who dont like me…its people I dont like. But then again…im not the one directly throwing insults and name-calling (as some people have been doing). chances are your a republican, since you are from Texas, its a huge possibility…spent some time in Corpus Christie, nice place, but wouldnt want to live there because its too hot & muggy and im not much into the types of laws there, gun handling and flat lands…the people come off a bit country-western too, and thats not my thing….so, now Ive stated my opinion on Texas also…so now am I a bigger prick, or is your possible inner republican going to come out and try insulting me and my opinion again? or am I just a regular average joe, simple throwing in my 2 cents to people who cant handle a different mind?

  47. boogysplit said...
    14 April 2009

    sorry, forgot to add….when it comes to comparing what I think is a better place to live…yes its true, I will compare America to other places, I will not settle for less than I want, and I have found what I love here…in America. and I dont care who you are, weather it is me or anyone you ever run into in your life….everyone makes judgements on others, and everyone has their opinion about different cultures and lives. things that are said will be related to your personality and the people you live around when it comes to opinions from other countries. same goes for state to state impressions here in the US. its just the way it is….but…I do not judge people on their color, or if they believe in god or not, or what kind of car they drive, or peoples sexual orientations….but I will take an opinion against it…unfortunately, a high percentage of people I have met (more times than less) that happen to be british, have fit this description….so if you met say, 20 people from New York and 18 of em where complete violent assholes, and here come the last 2 to approach you….what would you expect from them? or better yet, your from texas….say 20 black teenage boys come rollin up wearing FUBU and do’rags flashin gang signs…then 20 more roll up and they wear the same thing, but no music or gang signs…would your opinion be any different between the 2 groups? be honest now. you cant bullshit everyone.

  48. marc kimmel said...
    14 April 2009

    boogysplit, I have read your post too. But I do not disagree with you, and I do hail from the UK. There are strong opinions against the states, but not so much as we are toward the Irish or French. In which generalizations run wild. You are entitled to an opinion, and I respect that. I also hope one day you meet more ‘Brits’ as you say, and have a much more pleasant experience in order to sway any negative thoughts you may have against me fellow mates. I spent 4 years in education of cancer specialty in Portland Oregon at OHSU as an exchange student, and I had a wonderful time doing so. I enjoyed every minute there and you are correct, there is much more to do to entertain yourself. The one concern I did have was the lack of interest Americans have for the British and its culture, and I understand there is much to keep your attention away from things like this. But we may have been just a little misunderstood by the impressions we have laid upon you. would you agree that your comments may have come a bit stand-offish? that may be why so many are getting angry on this post, although they are complaining and accusing you about the very thing they are doing. Except you have’nt called anyone a derogatory name or singled any one person out in a negative way. Btw, what is it that you do that allows you to travel so much?

  49. boogysplit said...
    14 April 2009

    WOW!!!! im clapping my hands now…….some 1 who finally gets it! funny thing is…I live in Oregon! isnt that something? maybe one day we will be able to meet eachother and you can set off that impression, how does that sound? I would be most excited to see what people can do to better anothers opinion. and to answer your question about my travel, Im sort of a religious historian, yet im not into religion in a personal way, im more agnostic, I just study different religions from around the world…can be frustating at times…but thats a different story from this post, so lets not sway so far away please.

  50. Rose Bush said...
    15 April 2009

    Is Boogy talking to himself here?

  51. boogysplit said...
    15 April 2009

    hardly, I just think you find it hard to see that some people arent as hateful as yourself. so how about them answers mrs bush….any insight, or are you just here to criticise? what can you do or say to change my mind? and if your not here to change how I see it, then what is the point of arguing with me? why are you on this forum? it had to have been a subject that caught your interest.

  52. Rose Bush said...
    15 April 2009

    I’m not the hateful one. You were the guy who badmouthed another country. Go back to your first post. Nasty man!! This whole string dissed anothe country to start with. Hate is in the title of this article. That’s nasty. I think it’s a reflection on you that you decided to share that with the world your obvious hate. You are opinionated, but clearly not that sharp. You, my little friend, have answered nothing. That is a little to do with the fact that you are incoherent. Since you enquire, I live with my Canadian partner Heather in South America. She is of Arab descent. I’m Jewish. I’m a Democrat. You dissed France. I love France and the French. I love Great Britain and it’s people. My Brother-in-law is a Brit. He’s cool. They’re cool. I’m not surprised a few of them are pissed. When I go there, none compare themselves with anywhere in my experience. It really must just be you. You are a bigot who deals in stereotypes. Also since you ask, I found the site when searching for articles on Ireland. This site disappointed me, although I guess the purpose of the site wasn’t to help with holiday planning.

  53. boogysplit said...
    15 April 2009

    first off…read my first post again. I never dissed the entire country and I thought that I was clear when I added, (some are ok) and I said “the ones I have met” never did I ever say “all of them”. My Stepfather is British and I love the guy to death…I think you just got way ahead of yourself and pissed yourself off….also, with France, I said I had no real opinion, dure to the fact that I havent really met many french, but judging from the conversation I had with marcel, I will certainly take that into consideration for what I might expect. and yes, the site is disappointing, but what did you expect with the title? and I dont care who or what nationality your partner is from, it doesnt concern me, but I thought you said you were in Texas….yes, you did…in order to be a Texan, you would have to live in Texas…right? I mean, Ive lived in New York for a time, but I wouldnt call myself a New Yorker, because I dont live there. lol….anyways, Im sorry I came off to be such a ‘prick’ as you so well put it. it wasnt my intention, and I never wanted anyone to think I was talking about an entire race or nation of people, that wouldnt be very sensible…I was simply stating the ones I have met obviously clashed with my views on things (most of the ones I have met that is), also, I have very little or no interest its culture and what it has to offer. dont see why anyone would get mad from some1 elses disinterest. but have at the anger if you wish…because now im entertained.

  54. boogysplit said...
    15 April 2009

    and let me set one more thing straight!!! my stepfather may be british, but my mother and I and my late father are Native American, mother Cherokee, and my father Tahlequah…I have many many reasons to speak against the british empire! and when they try to voice their opinion to me about the lack of culture in America it burns my blood! the only thing they brought here was destruction, rape, pillage, slavery and murder!!!!! they put up their fences and laid claim to something that was not theirs! and then claimed freedom??!! so let me calm down for a sec………ok, so I know the people of today are not responsible for how or where they are born, or what country they were raised in, but the lack of knowledge about what America truely was before the British industry took over is vast! and you might be surprised how many still have a blind opinion about it. And I have all the right to say how I feel toward them, because after all….because of them, its a miracle im even alive!!

  55. boogysplit said...
    15 April 2009

    and the reasoning behind my conversations with the British or any other nation of people revolves around the type of work I do, I have studies to attend to and it involves gathering opinions and views of these people, the British according to my studies are short on religion, and most (by my knowledge) are atheist. yet they have strong opinions themselves on the subject, and this leads to culture and comparisons on lifestyle. these conversations tend to get heated at times, which is why I say it can be frustrating. I try to come into these conversations without bias, which is why I do not follow religion based on modern European belief…agnostic, to believe in a higher being, but not the water walking space god everyone claims. and this right here alone depending on who you talk to can cause a stir…therefore, my opinion comes into play.

  56. Cap-N'crunch said...
    16 April 2009

    wait wait wait!!! did she just say she was a “Jewish-Democratic_Texan_lesbian_from South America”? bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Zac Perry said...
    17 April 2009

    I fuckin hate the British too. Give Boogysplit a break. Brits are fuckin creeps. I’ve only met two. They were nice as it goes. But the overall impression of this fucking country sucks. Bunch of fuckin cocksuckers!!! Boogysplit is intiteld to his opinion. England is no way as good as the USA. Eat shit brits. Fuck America hating lesbians too!

  58. V.Chalmondley-Bruges said...
    18 April 2009

    Yes I do hate the Brits! They killed all those poor Indians (not our sort of Indian – but of course they, and only they, slew our beloved Red Indians) and ripped up their railways and system of democracy over there in India. They colonised Canada and threw it back to the stone ages. (the French – good guys – tried very selflessly to stop them, but by underhand and sneaky methods the Limeys prevailed and forced the poor Gallic chaps home.) They threw mud and rotten potatoes at poor Irish babies, especially the catholic ones. They slew the aboriginies and Maories leaving them to rot while the Kiwis and Aussies prospered with their barbecues and surf boards. They ruined Southern Africa and boiled alive the poor natives of that land in massive vats of convicts’ urine – would you believe it! (I read that on the internet, so may need to check the source.) All of these countries continue to labor under the yoke of their British-warped histories, and have been powerless to change any of the conditions of their indigenous peoples as a result of secretive and sinister threats from the dark heart of London. Heaven forfend, but they inflicted cricket, rugby and football on the world. Evil, just evil! They killed hundreds of thousands of poor Germans and occupied their lands for decades of the last century. They had the gross impertinence and arrogance to build them car factories, the products of which have plagued the world since the 1950s. They trampled through Tunisia, Libya, Algeira, Egypt, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Burma, Singapore (to name but a few) to spread their evil ways at the end of the first half of the last century. All the way they were thuggishly fighting (probably alcohol fueled) with cultured Italians, Germans, Japanese and even some French chaps. And what nobody tells you is that all the time they have been spreading Protestantism, and a curious but twisted form of autocracy leading to beatings of anyone who even sniffs at them. They imposed bland food on the world to boot. Each and every one of them is evil in some way or other and should be slain on the altar of the solid old “American-way”. They are, to a man, woman and child, arrogant and dismissive of all other peoples and cultures, with a lack of charity or human spirit thrown in. They should all be accountable for the many sins of thier forebears, for, if my hunch is correct, this country hasn’t changed one iota since their civil war in the Seventeenth Century. Thier immigration and customs people are rude too. This country stinks to high-heaven, and should never be allowed to forget the evil it has, and still does, spread throughout the civilised world.

    To answer the question, yes, I do hate the British. Every baby born in that benighted outcrop of land deserves nothing less than to be tarred and featherd with the history their forebears created. I might even advocate a good old fashioned lynching, for any Brit that crossed my threshold, of the sort carried out in our own country right up until 1964.


    V. Chalmondley-Bruges

  59. Barry Cade said...
    19 April 2009

    I agree with Lucy Heiderbacker, but I would develop that argument. See Guantanamo and the torture methods used by the US. It’s a bit rich of these Yanks to dredge up arguable history when their country seems to run roughshod over international rules and norms in the 21st Century.

    And how can anyone from a country which routinely straps convicts down in front of an audience and then injects them with a lethal cocktail of drugs to collapse their lungs then stop their heart invite anybody to hate another country? Or how about the chair? Absolutely evil torture. Campaign to get your own “civilisation” in order before poking other nations in the eye. Because, believe me, there are aspects of your great country which millions arount the world find abhorrent – TODAY.

    Before your forray into Irish politics, I would clean up this site and make your position unequivocally clear on this rubbish. It might come back to bite!


  60. Marcel Oie said...
    20 April 2009

    Thing is Barry, if Will Bakker wants to go into politics in Ireland, he needs to wise up.

    Ireland is a friend of Britain and vice versa. Look at all the migration and integration. There are so many shared values. When you look at the two offending articles, they seem so out of alignment with what I’ve described above, as well as recent developments between the two nations. He even wrote about the Six nations (in which France performed terribly!!), which I commend. But look at the watershed moment at Croke Park when England played there for the first time three years ago. The England team got a standing ovation from the Irish crowd. (I believe they got a standing ovation years ago at the height of the troubles, when despite warnings about their safety they pressed ahead and played Ireland at the old Lansdowne Road.) There’s so much friendly banter between the support of the different nations in the competition. It’s fantastic. I’ve had a great time in Ireland watching both France and England play in Dublin. (My ambition is to see France beat England at Twickenham though – tall order after the pasting we got there this year!)

    Maybe this is the kind of prism through which Will Bakker needs to view the present situation?

    The vague explanation just didn’t cut it itelectually on a number of levels.

    So in light of his desire to venture into politics in Ireland, these articles can only be described as naive in the extreme.

  61. boogysplit said...
    20 April 2009

    ouch!!! you thought I was nasty for just a small opinion on a few I have met? those are some pretty straight foward impressions these other people have had. I dont agree with the way they believe on these matters, but, the opinion is theirs to keep. Americans know about the mistakes the US government has made over….what was it the last 65 years about? But some of those are arguable as retaliation. tell me if im wrong but, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, do you think they cared if they hit an innocent civilian? how about the 911 attacks? do you think if America was just allowed into the Middle East to capture the criminals involved in the plan of the attacks without a fight, that the US soldiers would have fired a single bullet? Vietnam was nasty and confusing and many people died from all sides, besides we lost that one, so you cant really get down on us about it, vets are still suffering from the outcome. And you cant really have anything to say about fighting the nazis can you? because everyone was involved in that. accept France that is, because killing 6 million people of a specific race was apparently acceptable to some point. and Im sure there are a few on this nice little forum who would argue with me on that. Anyways, seems others have their reasons to hate or dislike people from all over, but my reasons where much more petty compared to a few above, but the only thing I said I “hated” was soccer…lol.

  62. boogysplit said...
    20 April 2009

    wait, I didnt even say I hated anything….hmmm, isnt that something?

  63. Marcel Oie said...
    21 April 2009

    Boogy, your are up that mountain with the Waltons aren’t you?

    You don’t get it do you. You didn’t use the word hate, but by writing very negatively about the British on a thread that asks, “do you hate the British too”, you sort of showed your colors. Go back and read your first comment. It wasn’t very nice was it.

    Your history is a little bit up the creek too. America can’t absolve itself for Vietnam on the basis that it lost. That would be Carte Blanche to the neo-Nazis wouldn’t it? They lost, but no-one says “well never mind” because of it. As for Iraq, no-one denies that 9/11 was an evil act, but the fact is that Iraq didn’t do it. Some nutters in caves in Afghanistan did it. The Iraqis didn’t even have the WMDs that the Brits and Americans accused them of having. The whole thing was spurious. (No-one talked about Pearl Harbor, so where did that come from?) So do a bit of reading before committing any of your stream of consciousness to the cyber world.

    As for France, yes we lost in 1940. As you said – the US lost in Vietnam. Doesn’t make us bad does it? What you wrote is a filthy slur on the tens of thousands French boys who died trying to repell the Nazis a good two years before the USA committed to fighting fascism. So give it a break. Read a bit about that period of history, or I’d be happy to put you in touch with grandpere Oie. He could tell you about the history of the period and what happened to France.

    As for the Brits reaction to your questions about religion, I can imagine why they reacted strangely. Brits are often very private people. Talking religion doesn’t (in my limited experience) come easily to them. They probably see a lot about American evangelical churches, and the Bible Belt etc, and find it strange. So maybe these are some reasons that you encountered strange reactions.

  64. boogysplit said...
    21 April 2009

    ok…you should grab a light snack, this may be a long one…..first off, the mention of vietnam was a sarcastic one..seems like that one flew over your head, and the mention of Pearl Harbor came up because the future bashing of Americas response to Japan was inevitable. so I went ahead and put some clarification on that view. As for Iraq, (perhaps you should get ready for this one) It is called the War ‘IN’ Iraq, not the war ‘ON’ Iraq, we are aware it is not the country we are at war with too believe it or not…we are there because of the harboring of terrorism. to deny that they dont exist there is just insane, because everyone knows it exist, especially the people of Iraq, and the soldiers who have been blown to bits just driving down the freeways. there is a concentration of them there and I am certainly convinced of it. and there are certainly more places than Iraq, and Im sure they will have their day too weather it be the US or any other government it has pissed off. As for your grandfather, or whomever you speak of, I would love to have an interview. I have some questions of religion during that era in interested in hearing about….As for my interview with the brits, those where with 100% consent, mutual conversations I had, they just didnt like when I asked questions about the wars and bloodshed brought on by Christianity and Catholisism that had originated between the British and Irish, and disagreement usually came up when they started spurting on about the “Pakis”….another thing, you cant decide what my reasons where for looking into this forum and then accuse my reasons for being hateful, what where your reasons for joining this site? was it something that caught your interest? and if it did, how do you know I didnt feel the same as you? cept for my own small opinion based on personal fact of experience. and Berry….as for execution, these things are always after a fair trial to proove ones innocence against the charges that usually last for several years, and execution is usually not even sought after in the US court of law unless deemed nessesary. But, in some cases the charges are so severe….let me give you an example….Wesley Alan Dodd, caught in Camas, Washington. his crime..kidnapping and murdering numberous children around the ages of 3-8….one child that I remember vividly that had his life ended by this nightmare…was raped repeatedly, then hung to death in Dodds closet for 3 days, as Dodd continued to rape and defile the dead body of the child and even eat parts of the childs body. In court, Dodd stated, if he is ever let out, he will do it again. John Wayne Gacy…this is one sick mother! had teenage boys come over for odd jobs, get the boys stoned or drunk, then bash in the back of their skulls with a hammer, tie them up, dress himself up as a clown and spy on them from the crawlspaces, rape them, kill them, and bury them under his house. i can go, but I think these are good enough reasons to execute these type of criminals…sorry, but I dont share your sympathy, if it where me doing the punishments, it would be much worse for those type of sickos. And Marcel, one more thing, you may not realise it, but even you made a generalisation of the British people as a whole. pay attention to what you write, it may have not seemed negative, but it could be taken that way.

  65. boogysplit said...
    21 April 2009

    ohhh yeah….and “The Waltons” something you keep bringing up… that your view of Americans? is this an impression you have of the entire country of people? I actually had to look that one up, Ive never seen or heard of the movie. but it seems to be a favorite of yours. If it is these things to you, perhaps ive hit the nail on the head when I say you should stop watching so much television. And maybe, im not the nasty one here.

  66. Marcel Oie said...
    22 April 2009

    Boogie: I’m sure you’re a nice guy. Sorry if I offended. I was just having a laugh. It mayhave been unfair of me. I have to say that you don’t make very much sense, so there’s no sense continuing corresponding with you on this forum. Best of luck for the future.


  67. boogysplit said...
    22 April 2009

    Marcel, here I thought the entire time it was I who offended you….now im confused. Ive read my first post over and over again, and the only thing I can find that might be taken as offensive or even seriously is the fading away part…but I was quite serious with that comment, and what I meant was, America has become very dismissive of the British, or even the world for that fact, and people simply dont care anymore…sure there are a few that hold interest….but those are just a few. the soccer, and cod part are just childish playing around I was doing, and my opinion on the overcrowded island part, is just my opinion.

  68. Barry Cade said...
    23 April 2009

    Boogs: just your fucking (incoherent) opinion – all the time. That’s the problem. When it’s a nasty opinion, just keep it to yourself, or train yourself not to have it. The world is full of wonderful people – the Brits included. Hate can’t be “lite”. Will – please, please delete this garbage! Get BBB concentrated on the funny, interesting and uplifting stuff. You can do it – I’ve seen it!


  69. boogysplit said...
    28 April 2009

    I didnt think it was a nasty opinion (i say again) not compared to a few others above anyways. chill out Barry….I didnt intend any negative vibe. If you didnt want to hear an answer, you shouldnt have looked into the question….and if the author didnt want an answer then the question should never have been asked.

  70. Ed Le Canard said...
    28 April 2009

    Boogy – your very last point is spot on. The question should not indeed have been asked.

  71. Barry Cade said...
    28 April 2009

    Ed: I agree entirely with you about Boog’s insightful last point. As Mr Pickling said in Will’s diversionary splinter thread “Hate and Haters: a discussion”, “If I were to invite the world to a party, but amongst others there were banners inviting, and proclaiming, hate for certain nations, then I would expect some of passers by from these groups to smash my windows, or piss on my lawn at the very least”. Mainly as far as I can see, those with a contrary view have smashed no windows, nor urinated anywhere. But this is exactly the point. Why shouldn’t Brits defend their country against nasty views? (I’m not British by the way.) And why shouldn’t others speak out about hate, however playfully it was meant in the original articles (although this is debatable)? It can never be productive.

  72. Chuck Hinglefuggler said...
    28 April 2009

    Brits, especially the English, are complete cnuts.

  73. boogysplit said...
    28 April 2009

    well….some are sweet, some are sour. what do ya really expect? I guess anyone from any nation can be a complete “cnut” lol. So…how bout them Blazers? any basketball fans?

  74. boogysplit said...
    28 April 2009

    although, I can get a different meaning out of many of these comments just in the way I read them, or imagine the state of mind the writters are in. and still end up getting the entirely wrong idea about em……ehh, we’re only human.

  75. Ed Le Canard said...
    29 April 2009

    Chuck: Fug right off you cnuting tawt!

  76. Ed Le Canard said...
    29 April 2009

    [Editor says, “Deleted because it was a double post.”]

  77. Anonymous said...
    2 May 2009

    fuck them all

  78. Sam Widge said...
    7 May 2009

    Load of cruddy haters. What’s wrong with people?

  79. Sean said...
    7 May 2009

    Fuck the Brits. They are all scum. Up da ra. Have fun on the bus Brits 7/7

  80. Sam Widge said...
    9 May 2009

    Nice. You’re a classy guy Sean. Hope you don’t get disembowelled by a piece of shrapnell from a nutter’s bomb on the way to work.

  81. Seamus P said...
    9 May 2009

    What an evil thing to say. You sad little shit. Remember Sean, I know where you live. I see you every Saturday wearing those dodgy old jeans.

  82. Steve Pickling said...
    9 May 2009

    Will/Anita: you commented on my contribution. Anything to say to Sean?

  83. Barry Cade said...
    9 May 2009

    This is trully outrageous. This string has descended into the gutter. A contributor is now supporting the IRA and glorifying a terrorist attack in London by Islamic extremists which killed 50 plus commuters (not all of whom were Brits).

    I want to know how far the nastiness will go before this filth, spawned by the original question, is addressed.

  84. Mary McConalogue said...
    9 May 2009

    I just popped back to see if there was any follow up to my post. None. But that truly is a shocker from Sean. Nasty.

  85. Ed Le Canard said...
    9 May 2009

    Sean: You are filth.

  86. Marcel Oie said...
    12 May 2009

    What Sean said is just plain evil. What a fucking nasty little cunt. I hope he gets knocked over by a bus, or impaled on iron railings, or catches swine flu, or has his face smashed in by an angry Londoner, or catches his cock in his zip, or gets done for apostasy in Iran, or comes out of the closet in Alabama, or has a brush with ebola, or drops the toaster in his bath.

    Will and Anita: you opened this sorry can or worms. Free speech is no defence. You are not a nations state. Turds.

  87. Andy Cam said...
    13 May 2009

    What a load of cocking nonsense.

  88. boogysplit said...
    14 May 2009

    ….and the word here is…….”Nasty”!!!!! Free speech is a right, even when people abuse it. Funny thing is, its the people who get all upset that fuel this fire. Why even bother coming to this site and get yourself upset? Its obvious you are going to read things your gonna disapprove of. The title is clear and you have to imagine what people are going to say. Will must be sitting back rather amused at the life this forum has taken…I think so.

  89. Andy Cam said...
    15 May 2009

    Boogysplit – you are correct. It was all in the title. Looking back further, I think Bakker said it was all meant quite playfully.

  90. Andy Cam said...
    15 May 2009

    In hindsight I suppose you’re right Mr Boogysplit. It’s probably best that haters shout on their own into an empty, echoey, deserted space like a derelict Detroit factory. Good people who oppose it only give the nasty little cunts the attention they crave.

    You seem like a confused kinda guy though Boogie. No offense intended. You seem “off the fence” generally, but then “on it” at other stages, with possibly a scattering of the two sporadically in the same post. Is this a conscious approach you apply to everyday life, or do you display this behavior unknowingly? This could be a real bummer at election time, or even when at the checkout at the local store. Whichever way, it sure is intriguing.


  91. Alan Fister said...
    15 May 2009

    What do you think about gays?

  92. boogysplit said...
    15 May 2009

    gays? I dont I suppose…actually, to be truthfull, they are never on my mind. My wife has a gay friend, he seems alright…kinda flamin’ at times, but thats the impression he chooses to put off….so be it. just because I dont choose one solid way to view things either libral, democratic, or republican shouldnt make me a confusing person, there are just parts of each spectrum I can understand. And yes, election times are a “which is gonna suck more” thing. almost closing my eyes at times and just put a checkmark and get it over with. grocery stores…well, Im usually burdened with my children trying to reach for stuff constantly, no time for small talk. anyways, back to gays…I live in Oregon, which happens to be a part of the states that accepts whatever type of sexual orientation, music, clothing or political views you may have with an open mind….it may be WAY open for discusion, but people enjoy the different views that can be brought to the cafe over a latte’.

  93. Brind Nuglefunger said...
    16 May 2009

    I’ve had the following conversation on three separate occasions with three different Iraqi co-workers:

    Brind: Hiya, Mohammed. What did you do today?

    Mohammed: Well during my patrol we spent the day shovelling bullet ridden corpses into a truck, and later spent some time just generally trying not to get killed. We talked a lot about the illegal invasion in 2003. During the weekend, we didn’t travel much as it’s far too dangerous.

    Brind: And you liked it?

    Mohammed: No, I hated it because my country has been ruined and illegally occupied. But we joke that it could have been beautiful because, although my country was run by a dictator, the country did once work and is very beautiful. We saw smashed up buildings, and we even finished the patrol by narrowly avoiding being blown up, or shot by the Americans.

    Brind: So now you hate the Americans too!

  94. Mike Rofone said...
    17 May 2009

    I only hate the sanctimonious gobshites who thought a bit of traditional hate would ingratiate them to their adopted community.

  95. Dermot Dwyer said...
    3 June 2009

    Succinctly put Mike Rofone.

    There appear to be some real “backwoodsmen” posting here. So much hate. Good on those Brits who are defending their country. Why the heck shouldn’t they.

    I hear on the grapevine that the Irish authorities are having a look into the activities of the fool Bakker. Lucky he’s off to the continent!

  96. Asif Islam said...
    4 June 2009

    British infidels mush be slain.

  97. boogysplit said...
    13 June 2009

    Irish authorities on Bakker? am I missing something here?

  98. Ed Le Canard said...
    16 June 2009

    You seem to miss lots of things Boogs.

  99. Wing Chung said...
    21 June 2009

    If you really need a nation to hate, why not try the Japanese for what they did in Nanking in 1936?

  100. Barry Cade said...
    21 June 2009

    I suppose they would if Anita moved to China and they thought it would ingratiate them to the locals!

  101. Andrew Webb said...
    24 June 2009

    Christ! What a load of nonsense. The original articles are clearly just spite, despite what the author writes. Some of the follow up comments are just disgusting too. No wonder it’s got a few backs up. Mind you the Brits fighting back here should tone it down a bit.

    I note that one of the authors has elevated himself to the status of a nation state with his limp attempt at a free speech argument. Just a little disingenuous! It just goes to show that a lack of judgement can ruin an otherwise amusing site. Mind you, the readership looks scant, aside from the nutters.

    A dignified silence is what’s required from the Brits. They ususally do that quite well (except at football games!). Having said that, when you get to know them and the better parts of British history, you realise that there are few more ferocious than Brits when their backs are to the wall. You can only push them so far…

    I’d think twice next time. It’s judgement and good manners required here (on all sides). Free speech is a red herring. As is the humour argument. It wasn’t funny.



  102. Asif Hussein said...
    28 June 2009

    British dogs must all be slain.

  103. Micky Olivera said...
    1 July 2009

    This crap has attracted some mental islamic types. Wow.