Commenter of the Week (19-25 Aug)

Our Commenter of the Week is Laurie! It was a down-week for posts from Bakkers, so Laurie came through in the clutch to contribute to the blog this week. Her comment on coffee was apropos, nostalgic, and funny. Laurie’s TrophyBut it was the dedication and hard-work of finding the Folgers commercial on YouTube that won over the judges. If you missed it the first time, take a look this morning.

Laurie’s comment gives us the opportunity to mention two Things You Might Not Know about the Commenter of the Week award. First, you can comment on a post from weeks past to win Commenter of the Week. (This week, we’ll put a “Recent Comments” list on the sidebar so you can see, well, the most recent comments — no matter which posts they’re attached to.)

Second, you don’t need to write a paragraph to win. In Laurie’s case, a clever reference and a truly excellent link were more than enough to gain the prize. If you’d like to include a link in your comment, you can simply copy the web-address (e.g. “”) into your post.

3 Comments to “Commenter of the Week (19-25 Aug)”

  1. Theodora said...
    27 August 2007

    While I find your feed for recent comments a real advantage to my keeping up with all things Bakker Bugle, I am afraid I do not see your heralded Recent Comments on the sidebar of your site… has web 2.0 failed you? or am i simply blind?

  2. Will said...
    27 August 2007

    Sheesh! It’s hard to meet such high expectations. In short: I’m working on it.

  3. Laurie said...
    29 August 2007

    I raise my coffe mug in a toast as I humbly & caffinated-ly accept this award.