Trivial Surprise #47

Coors Light is a real presence in Dublin. There are lots of billboards and commercials on TV for Coors Light, and they aren’t much different than American versions. Coors Light DealThe current tagline is “Amazing Things Happen High in the Rockies.”

In pubs, you almost always see just one American brand on tap, Coors Light. That’s odd, I thought, as I remembered stories about how Coors Light had to be smuggled into the Midwest in the good ole days. I thought no more about it, until I started this post and I googled around a bit.

I found a fascinating document from an Irish self-regulatory body for Irish advertising. Coors Light is imported into Ireland by Heineken, the 363-kg gorilla in the global beer industry. Apparently, Bud Light recently became the first real competition for “light” beer in Ireland, and is brewed in Ireland.

Do I remember correctly — Didn’t Guinness recently run an ad campaign in the US that said that Guinness has fewer calories than major American lagers?

3 Comments to “Trivial Surprise #47”

  1. Laurie said...
    2 September 2007

    Funny you speak of smuggling Coors…I just finished watching the classic “Smokey & the Bandit” – Burt Renyolds at his best (maybe those promos aired during ‘Dallas’?). Apparently if you cannot beat the King of Beers on your home turf, take it overseas!

  2. Dave said...
    4 September 2007

    You’re right, Guinness did run an advertising campaign on the carolie content of Guinness. While Guinness’ carolie content (125) compares favorably to Budweiser (145) and MGD (143), it still has more carolies than Bud Light (110), Coors Light (102) and Miller Lite (96). Also, it has twice as many carbs as Coors Light, and three times as many carbs as Miller Lite. Still the fine, filling taste of Guinness certainly trumps the American Style Light Lager.

    Statistics Per 12 Ounces from:

  3. Will said...
    4 September 2007