Ah, the Dubs

Sunday, County Dublin’s gaelic football team lost to County Kerry. So Kerry will play Cork for the All-Ireland title on September 16th.

In the spirit of self-deprecation, here are a few jokes that require a basic understanding of Irish culture to understand. In the spirit of sadness at the Dub’s loss, I’ll give bonus points towards Commenter of the Week to commenters who kill the comedy by explaining the jokes. (Jokes courtesy the culchies at askaboutmoney.com.)

What’s the difference between a Dublin jersey and a school uniform??
You can see school uniforms in September.

Paul Caffrey, Dubs manager, was arrested last night after vandalising a cigarette machine. He replied by saying he was in a bad way for 20 players!!

What is blue and navy and goes beep, beep, beep?
The Dubs’ bus reversing back into the garage.

What do you call a Dublin man with an all Ireland medal?
An antique dealer!

What I find remarkable is that County Dublin comprises almost 20% of the population of the island. Many of the 32 counties have less than a tenth of that population. Croke Park, the site for the All-Ireland contests, is in Dublin (although it is not Dublin’s home stadium). Yet Dublin is relatively unsuccessful in both football and hurling.

The Bakker Bugle staff are engaged in a long-term research project to determine the cause for this anomaly. We hope it will bring insights to similar oddities in American sport.

5 Comments to “Ah, the Dubs”

  1. Dave said...
    30 August 2007

    Well, I can explain the first one- Since the All-Ireland final match is in September, you won’t see Dubs jerseys because they’re never involved. Same reason you don’t see Cubs jerseys in October.

  2. Sharon said...
    30 August 2007

    Speaking of the cubs & other sports anomalies – As long as the Cubs beat the Brewers I will be happy – I know not really high standards. & as long as the Bears beat the packers us North siders can fight the good fight against the cheeseheads. Is there anything analogous to a cheesehead in Ireland or is that strictly a WISCONSIN thing. Will you get bonus points for naming who you think the Irish cheese people would be & sheep or goat herders don’t count.

  3. Will said...
    31 August 2007

    Here’s my knee-jerk response, Sharon: The people of Cork are considered “special” by Dubliners, and possibly other people in Ireland. It’s kinda like Wisconsin people — they’re okay, not inferior or anything. Just…odd, in a way that you wouldn’t choose to be odd.

  4. Laurie said...
    2 September 2007

    There are too many Cubs analogies here for a Cards fan to comment appropriately… :)

  5. Dave said...
    7 September 2007

    I went to Jimmy Johns for lunch today and saw two gentlemen wearing Dubs shirts. Click below for the spy quality photo as proof. If you squint, you can pick out the crest on the back of the shirt.