A day in my life at the BBB&B

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I was a guest of the Bakker Bugle B&B just a few weeks ago. I could tell you how much fun we had traveling & enjoying time with our friends & their hospitality, as well as Belgium beers, wine, and food, but instead here is a snippet of what Will & I did one day……
In the park
We decided to walk around the city center in Luxembourg City, then the crazies came out… but this isn’t about them…it’s about us. We strolled through the park near the B&B and found a fading smiley face.
Smiley Flowers
Minutes later, a strange girl handed us a free hat & pen without so much as a credit card application. As we walked farther, we saw a balloon plaza with the same emblazoned emblem of TANGO. Not only is it my favorite dance, but also a communications company in Europe. But this was no ordinary balloon….it was gigantic & Helium filled!!
Balloon Plaza
Our two magnificent balloons were tied to my purse & I proceeded to carry them for at least the next hour. Wind, sharp street signs, tree branches, French tourists, crowds tried to deter me from goal, which was to arrive home safely with balloons intact — for my joy & the delight of others.
Sharon & Balloons
On our last stop before home…..I decided to sit for a minute on the new space-saucer-shaped bench. To my dismay Will continued to snap photos….which resulted in a stop-animation/ short-French inspired
film that I like to call Balloons Bleu.
Sharon Saucer Movie
I have to say I was really impressed with the outcome…. it was way more entertaining than my accidental digital shorts which were odd but funny. [Ed. – Thanks to FotoosVanRobin and Atelier Vanessa Maurer for the CC-licensed photos.] Click on the image below to see the award-winning compilation.
Sharon Oops Movie

So what were the balloons for? Pure enjoyment and the promotion of the advertisers for the night marathon… but more about that later.
Tango at Home
Here are some additional topics for further blog posts on my trip to Luxembourg. I’ll write more based on popular demand….

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  7. I never knew that Anita was a cat person!
  8. Tantrum! Tripoint! Tantrum!
  9. 1 flush 2 flush, red flush, blue flush
  10. Land pirates!
  11. Ducks are great but swans are evil spawns of satan.

2 Comments to “A day in my life at the BBB&B”

  1. Sharon said...
    11 June 2010

    Nice job with the post!! Am I the only non-Bakker Friends of the Bugle poster so far?? Glad you had a great cruise!!

  2. Jaime said...
    16 June 2010

    Balloons Bleu = brilliant!

    Accidental Shorts = uncontrolled burts of laughter

    Anita’s dead sexy lion hat = priceless (“Look at that tail, baby!”)