BBB&B Update: September shakedown

Please forgive the staff for their negligence of the blog these past few weeks. We had an Tour Eiffelimportant visit from the mother company to see whether the B&B is ready to open for business. The final report hasn’t been released yet, but the initial feedback was favorable. We’re sure that our new facilities in Luxembourg will meet the high expectations set by our Dublin operation.

The September dress rehearsal also brought the debut of a new series of Bugle products — guided tours. Our premier package is a whirlwind tour through a large part of France, an excursion that includes three wine regions and almost four days in and around Paris.

Our first stop is an afternoon in Reims, with sunny skies custom-ordered to show off the graceful Gothic arches of its Cathedral, where many French kings were crowned.
Reims Cathedral
On the way to the cathedral, you’ll see the grapes of Champagne, and on the way out, you’ll taste their culmination in a glass (or two) from the caves of Taittinger.
Taittinger cave
After a relaxing night in the “real Versailles” beyond the palace gates, we enjoy a mid-morning garden tour especially scheduled to avoid the hordes of tourists.
Versailles garden
From there, we pass through the lovely Parisian suburb of Rungis to arrive at our three-star accommodations in the 7th arrondissement. The city is yours for the next three days and nights. Our clients select from a broad menu of attractions, including the Arc de Triomphe. Let us escort you through the Metro system, where all of Paris is just a few stops away!
Arc de Triomphe
Louis XIV went to Versailles to escape the hubbub of Paris, and we offer the same experience, as seasoned guides take you through the main palace and the captivating Domaine de Marie-Antoinette. You’ll revel in the luxurious surroundings of the last of French royalty, but we guarantee that you’ll still go home with your head!*
Versailles inside
You’ll find yet more relaxation in the verdant fields of Bourgogne (also known as Burgundy), not to mention the wineries therein.
Vineyards by cindy
The tour ends with one day and one night in Colmar, an extraordinarily picturesque town in Alsace. Colmar offers sights and museums for some, the famous Wine Road of Alsace for others, and quiet squares for those who want to return home feeling like they had a real vacation.
Colmar train by cindy
This tour is just one of the many available through the Bugle. Make your reservations soon! (Thanks to cindy for the last two photos — Will took too many and now he can’t find the good ones!)

* Guarantee not valid in all cases or for all jurisdictions. Contact Bugle legal services for terms and conditions.

2 Comments to “BBB&B Update: September shakedown”

  1. Will said...
    15 October 2009

    I can certainly vouch for the quality of both the BB&B and the wonderful tour guide addition. Everyone needs to make their reservation quickly as I will soon be planning my NEXT trip!!!

    Thanks staff–great job done by all!

    Love, MOM

  2. Cindy said...
    15 October 2009

    Sorry about that–Will didn’t write that comment! Mea culpa!