Bakker Bugle B&B booked to the brim

We announce, with both pride and sadness, that the Bakker Bugle B&B is fully booked through the end of its presence in Ireland. ..

Caption Seven

Hello, friends! After a bit of a delay, the Bugle staff prepared another photo for your captioning virtuosity. ..

Photos from January

So, we’re running about three months behind. (If you don’t count the unfinished Italy set.) But you better not complain! ..

Talking on the street in Dublin

The Irish government presented its emergency budget for 2009 on Wednesday, and I’d picked up a newspaper to learn about it, after finishing some frivolous shopping. ..


No matter where you fall in the religious spectrum, you can get behind the Rabbit of Easter. ..

To a new country, to find new adventures

The staff had some fun on the first of this month, but our move to Luxembourg is no April Fool.
My work will take us from Dublin to Luxembourg City later this year. ..

Breaking News: Ireland and Italy tie

Italy played Ireland tonight, in Southern Italy, for the World Cup qualifying round. Italy had won every match in the round so far.

Bugle to move corporate HQ

DUBLIN, 1 April 2009 — The Bakker Bugle, an Irish B&B and internet services company, said today that it would relocate its corporate headquarters to Luxembourg.