Caption Seven

Hello, friends! After a bit of a delay, the Bugle staff prepared another photo for your captioning virtuosity. Remember that your entries for one of Captions Six, Seven and Eight will be worth double-points.

Caption Seven

The staff will award points for Caption Six in the next twenty-four hours, so contribute your best work to that post right now! Will says that the submissions so far are outstanding. Go Bugle Readers!

(We’ll also award a prize in the Guess the Number Taken!™ contest today. If you haven’t guessed yet, take a stab at it!)

12 Comments to “Caption Seven”

  1. Rachel Hester said...
    27 April 2009

    Kevin could handle the teasing from the the other fellas about his harp lessons, but when they stole his strings…that was the last straw.

  2. Dave said...
    28 April 2009

    Even in Ancient Rome, struggling musicians were denied mortgages. A stark reminder that you need to monitor your credit report.

    F-R-E-E that spells free, credit report dot com baby!

  3. Rachel Hester said...
    5 May 2009

    With hearing the news that the Bakkers would be leaving Ireland, Hugh tore off all the strings from his Irish harp, vowing to never play again!

  4. Jaime said...
    7 May 2009

    The harper sits for a moment and tries to remember if he banked the fire before leaving the house that morning. He contemplates walking back home to check but carrying the harp is no easy matter – for an ethereal instrument, it proves to be surprisingly heavy to cart around – and decides to take a chance.

  5. Sharon said...
    12 May 2009

    With this economy, will I be doomed to play street harp forever?

  6. Marcel Oie said...
    15 May 2009

    The young harpist bemoaned the fact that he had an enormous foot growing out of his arse.

  7. Sharon said...
    15 May 2009

    Do we get partial credit for trying…I really think both of Rachel’s comments rock & Jaime’s was very good as well.
    I intentionally don’t read the others before I jot mine down.

    I am ever so slightly saddened by the realization that Rachel, Dave, & Jaime are all wittier than me per this website…In fact…it may actually be true as perception is reality… Don’t fear…my ego can take it. ;)

    I apoligize to those below the 375 level…you know who you are…;)

  8. Ed Le Canard said...
    16 May 2009

    “Good gracious, monkeys could do this” thought Dwayne glumly as he pondered the ant scuttling in the lawn.

  9. Ed Le Canard said...
    17 May 2009

    Edward took a moment from his harp playing to ponder: Bryne, Mitchell or De Rossa for the European Parliament?

  10. staff said...
    22 May 2009

    The staff want Sharon to know that consistency counts, too. (And you’re wittier — that’s three syllables, for ESL students — than you think.) On to the points!

    Rachel get 15 points for being first to caption. She gets another 15 points for making it a “bullying” comment and 25 points for use of the word straw.

    Dave gets 20 points for the timely credit crisis reference and another 20 points for drawing our attention to the F-R-E-E credit report commercials. Thanks for that.

    Rachel’s second comment get 45 points for linking our upcoming move with the caption and another 15 points for the Irish harp reference.

    Jaime gets 25 points for the old-world “leave the iron on” reference. She also gets 15 points for having the longest comment.

    Sharon gets 20 point for the timely credit crisis reference and another 15 points for bringing in street musicians, which are very common in Dublin.

    Marcel Oie gets 40 points for being the first to reference the base of the statue.

    Sharon gets 30 points for complementing other caption contest participants.

    For his first comment, Ed Le Canard get 20 points for a monkey reference and 10 points for the idea of an ant in the grass. With his second comment, he gets 25 points for mentioning the upcoming EU parliament elections.

  11. Sharon said...
    22 May 2009

    I have to tell the staff that I like the explanation of the point system.
    It seems to be equitable.

    Also completely unrelated..JB & I are planning to come out to see you in Summer 2010…stay tuned.

  12. Dave said...
    10 July 2009

    I know points have already been awarded, but I can’t resist:

    United Breaks Harps, too.