Photos from January

So, we’re running about three months behind. (If you don’t count the unfinished Italy set.) But you better not complain! We used our four day Easter holiday weekend to catch up for you ungrateful gobshites!

The holiday in January was a full three days — County Donegal is a large and picturesque region, and we saw the city of Derry, too. There are four sets for your viewing pleasure:

  • Donegal, Friday: A small set from our drive from Dublin to Killybegs, with a detour far out into McSwyne’s Bay at St John’s Point.
  • Donegal, Saturday: A large set of photos from all over Donegal, particularly near the coast.
  • Derry, Sunday morning: Our walk around Derry — mostly the political murals in Bogside and the walled portion of the central city.
  • Malin Head to Dublin, Sunday afternoon: From the northernmost point in Ireland to home, with all kinds of weather in between.

A preview of the delights on Flickr:
Returning from St. John's Point
Open exploration