Out and About: The Rebel County

Over the past two years, we’ve visited most of the distinct regions of Ireland. Our most significant omission was part of the south-west region of Ireland, mostly County Cork. ..

Last Dark Grill of the Year

In 2007, the United States extended daylight savings time by three weeks. Europe did not. We will change our clocks this coming weekend.

Ireland win Grand Slam in Six Nations

The year was 1948 when Ireland last won the Grand Slam of the Six Nations Championship. ..

Multi-phasic media promotion

It seems that the movie promotions industry has become ever more sophisticated in their cross-product campaigns. ..

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

In just moments, we’ll have a fine Irish breakfast on our way to the big parade. We’ve been in the spirit of things since Sunday, when we went to Big Day Out. ..

St Patrick’s Anticipation

On last year’s Saint Patrick’s Day, we watched part of the parade. …With the cold weather, most of the Irish colour last year came from fantastic hats. The rest of the year, one rarely sees these outside of tourist souvenir shops. …The Marching Illini appeared before us in all their glory. For your pleasure, a very badly shot movie of the moment is available on YouTube.

White House Diplomacy and the American Idea

No, this isn’t a very late endorsement for Barack Obama. (Will and Anita made personal endorsements during the 2008 campaign. ..

Caption This! Round 6

It’s back to ancient Rome with Round Six. It looks like some of our participants are getting close to the goal, so we’ll have to actually create the prize in the next week or so!

Dental Disaster

As some of you know, my teeth are not my strongest feature. I’ve been working with our wonderful dentist, Dr. Z, for nearly 20 years. ..

Windscreen Frost: a demonstration

More than a month ago, Anita wrote about the shocking revelation that mere water would remove frost from her windscreen.