Caption This! Round 6

It’s back to ancient Rome with Round Six. It looks like some of our participants are getting close to the goal, so we’ll have to actually create the prize in the next week or so!

To keep you hooked until then: The Bakker Bugle is happy to announce a twist to the contest. One of the next three rounds (6, 7, 8) will be declared a Double-BuglePoints™ Round after the first comment by the staff awarding points for that round. For example, if Round 5 were the Double-BuglePoints™ Round, then the participants mentioned in the staff comment from yesterday would have received twice as many points (e.g. Dave would have received 124 points, bringing his total to 472).

If you’re new to the contest, remember that you can still submit captions to all the old rounds, and you can earn extra points by nominating photos for the contest.

Now, on to Round Six! As usual, you can click on the image for a larger version.

Caption Six Thumbnail

12 Comments to “Caption This! Round 6”

  1. Jaime said...
    11 March 2009

    How Gollum became one of the pallbearers was a story that no one wanted to retell.

  2. Marcel Oie said...
    12 March 2009

    Gazing into the middle distance, this Roman imperialist plotted his next dastardly move against an unsuspecting, but thoroughly decent small fiefdom.

  3. Ed Le Canard said...
    12 March 2009

    Curlius Maximus, a big Phil Collins fan, stroked his chin in disbelief not believing his his luck to see that he had actually dropped by at the Forum.

  4. Dave said...
    12 March 2009

    Proof that aliens built the Roman acqueducts.

  5. Laurie said...
    12 March 2009

    “One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong.”

  6. Ed Le Canard said...
    12 March 2009

    Has anyone seen my keys?

  7. Lee King said...
    18 March 2009

    On any other day I’d have let the otter out, but the old dear grazed her shin on the gate again and I can’t get the chewing gum out of the tread of my boots. Still as they say in East Anglia, “what’s round the corner you never will know until you get there, God willing”.

  8. Marcel Oie said...
    18 March 2009

    Rod Blagojevich went skin-head in Rome to avoid the shame. The others just couldn’t look.

  9. Sharon said...
    19 March 2009

    Dude! – I thought there were going to be women at this toga party!!!

  10. Rachel Hester said...
    21 March 2009

    Mitch was glad he got the modeling job, but upset to be the “before” guy for the “Hair Club for Men”.

  11. Will said...
    21 April 2009

    Jaime got 70 points for her elegant presentation of a single, compelling reference.

    Marcel earned 40 points because all art is plagiarism, but lost 10 points for mixing historico-political systems. His second caption got back those 10 points by gratuitously referring to Blagojevich.

    Ed got 20 points for naming a minor character in the photo, and 60 points for the Phil Collins reference. Ed’s second caption is worth 40 points, because it manages to make a relevant joke without referencing the freakish figure in the foreground.`

    Dave gets 60 points for a non-narrative caption, and 20 points for being the first to mention aliens.

    Laurie added 90 points to her total for making a connection between this blog and Sesame Street.

    Lee King got 20 points for a long caption, although it reads like a spam message. Lee, are you a robot?

    Sharon received 40 points for not referencing the freakish figure, and 30 points for forcing the staff to research whether there was a toga party in Revenge of the Nerds.

    Rachel earned 40 points for a recession-fabulous caption.

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