Multi-phasic media promotion

It seems that the movie promotions industry has become ever more sophisticated in their cross-product campaigns. When the crack Bugle Procurement Squad returned from a sortie to the local supermarket in late January, I was stunned to discover the following promotional cookie.

Pink Panther Package Front

Pink Panther cookies, timed to arrive in stores just before the movie arrived in Irish theatres. I was amazed and intrigued; the BuProcSqua did good. I was stunned that the cross-promotion monkeys were working so hard for Pink Panther brand. You can expect such timely promotions with a Star Wars movie or some Hannah Montana vehicle, and Ireland is no stranger to this style of marketing.

But would the Pink Panther 2 be in the theatres for as long as the cookies would be on the shelves?

A little research vindicated my suspicions — sort of. These Pink Panther cookies appear to be more retro than metro. Er, let me try again: They have more in common with the classic 1963 film than the 2009 flick. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the rhyming catchphrase.)

In a way, that made them a much cooler cookie. This product was not some short-term, cynical marketing ploy. It could be historically situated, yet timeless — a meld of enduring pop culture and sugar. Retro and dextro. (That rhyme works!) But would the taste of the wafer fulfill its promise?

Wafer Side


They’re alright. I always like vanilla wafers, which these claim to be. But they had a lingering chemical aftertaste and a greasy mouth-feel that I can’t say I enjoy. I had to eat about 8 of them before I realized that they had a mild almond taste. Sometimes that’s nice. In this case, it isn’t.

Here at the Bakker Bugle, we strive to keep our promises, particularly when it comes to delivering the goods promised in our blog titles. So we have, for you, an Irish example of oddball cross-promotion.

Pink Panther 2 at Pink

On Dawson Street in Dublin, a Thomas Pink storefront includes a medium-sized, tasteful logo for the 2009 movie. The entire substance of the cross-promotion seems to be that this once-Irish shirt-making company is named for a tailor who happened to have a last name that is a homonym for the adjective in the name of the diamond for which the movie that gave rise to the sequel was named.

Pink Storefront

So there’s that.

2 Comments to “Multi-phasic media promotion”

  1. Will said...
    18 March 2009

    Anita didn’t mention some great corporate gobbledygook from the manufacturer’s website: “Rivington Food’s have developed a range of wafer products to span all ages and offer a modern twist on some classic wafer products.”

    I also marvel at the greengrocer’s apostrophe in the company’s own name!

  2. Keely said...
    18 March 2009

    being a fan of both the original pink panther movies and wafer cookies, i’m sure i wouldn’t be able to resist. i do believe most salerno wafer cookies have the rather greasy mouth-feel. (is it okay to name competitive brands here?) and i think the pink ones always had an after-taste. i much prefer the vanilla flavor.