Out and About: The Rebel County

Over County Cork courtesy wikimediathe past two years, we’ve visited most of the distinct regions of Ireland. Our most significant omission was part of the south-west region of Ireland, mostly County Cork. This weekend, we rectified that exception.

Saturday, we drove to the city of Cork and then to Kinsale to stay overnight. Sunday, we visited the southernmost point on the mainland of Ireland.View of Glengarriff from B&B (We just visited the northernmost point. We’re working on the full set!) We slept that night outside of Glengarriff, a tiny and picturesque harbour town. Today, we shopped in Kinsale and revisited a small part of the Ring of Kerry, before driving home.

Daylight savings time is now in effect in Ireland, and we thoroughly enjoyed the extra hour before sunset.

Normally, we like to take a few photos as we travel about. Primroses in Cork citySince it was just the two of us on this trip and since we had a lot of driving to do, we enjoyed our photo-taking a bit more than usual. So, to add a little extra spice to the photo captioning contest, we are thrilled to offer a bonus phase called Guess the Number Taken!™ The person who guesses closest to the actual number of photos taken by Will and Anita from Saturday morning to Monday night will win the prize: 200 points toward the caption contest.

You heard that right — 200 bonus BuglePoints™. You may only submit one guess of the total number of photos taken by both Anita and Will during the three day trip. Please post your guess as a comment to this post. Guessing will close in seven calendar days.

Good luck with your guess! While you are guessing, we’ll be working on creating photosets of an appropriate size for viewing on Flickr. (Finally, thanks to Morwen of the Wikimedia Commons for the map of County Cork, Ireland.)

8 Comments to “Out and About: The Rebel County”

  1. Dave said...
    30 March 2009

    775 Pictures

  2. Jaime said...
    31 March 2009


  3. Jaime said...
    31 March 2009

    1610 pictures

  4. Jaime said...
    1 April 2009

    Oy – I suppose I am out of the running. To be fair, I actually read the directions and attempted my single guess (1336). My attempt seemingly didn’t register (I was on my BlackBerry at the time so I blame it) so I tried again (and rethought my guess). To my surprise, both attempts actually were valid so I apologize for my hardware difficulties. I withdraw both my guesses.

  5. Laurie said...
    2 April 2009

    2,756. Looking forward to the ones at Charles Fort!

  6. Rachel Hester said...
    27 April 2009


  7. staff said...
    23 May 2009

    The staff offers our sincerest apologies for the delay in reporting the result of the 30 March “Rebel County” photo contest. As you may remember, the challenge was to Guess the Number Taken! The person closest to the total number of pictures taken by both Will and Anita would win an additional 200 points in the caption contest.

    While the staff has been working diligently on counting the number of photos, we have faced territorial, cross-silo conflict with the picture-taking team. Apparently embarrassed at the attention that his/her photo taking was getting, Will has been hiding the flash drives, challenging the staff’s ability to get an accurate count.

    But, through hard work, attention to detail and perseverance, our team has finally been able to pinpoint the number of photos taken (within an order of magnitude) and review the entries. How close were the guesses?

    Not close. We estimate that the photo-taking department generated 4840 ±200 image files. Although it is beyond our remit, we believe that these files correspond to approximately 3000 “pictures,” in the sense of having an unique subject.

    Congratulations to Laurie, who leveraged her on-the-ground experience with the photo-takers to earn 200 points in the ongoing contest.

  8. Sharon said...
    2 June 2009

    you crazy kids with your digital photos, not limited like back in the day when you had to pay for film. I guess 400 pictures in Nov 2007 doesn’t seem like that many anymore.