Voting Day in Luxembourg for the Referendum

Anita and I cycled all over the south of Luxembourg today, through more than a dozen small towns. We often take a ride on Sundays because the traffic is light. ..

The Poster Debate on Luxembourg’s Referendum: Part One

[Note: Edited June 5 @ 1215 EDT with corrections. ..

Constitutional Referendum in Luxembourg

These are exciting times for civil rights in the European Union, especially in Ireland and Luxembourg.
Two weeks ago, the Republic of Ireland voted for marriage equality. ..

SOPA/PIPA blackout today

We shy away from politics here at the Bugle Blog, although our editors are quite politically active. ..

What was behind the big protest?

Why did thousands of people come to Place Clairefontaine last Thursday? As always, there is a simple answer that glosses a complex situation.

A little late to the big protest

I tell you what, let’s forget the fact that you’re coming a little late to the party and embrace the fact that you showed up at all. *
I like a good protest as much as your average expat — much more, probably. ..

Luxembourg News Update: 18 Sept ’09

From the annals of local news, as brought to the attention of the Bugle staff by ARA City Radio, here is your probably-soon-to-be weekly Luxembourg update:

Police arrested a man in Fennange, near Bettembourg with a samurai sword in his car. ..

I am a Dublin voter!

I almost missed the deadline to apply for the Register of Electors for Friday’s election. You can imagine my delight when I found my reminder card in the mail last week. ..

Face Posters: Set #3

Here comes another set of trading cards in the famous series: Face Posters of Ireland 2009
Set Three: Download the PDF today!

Face Posters: Set #2

Are you ready to get another set of your very own trading cards of the best Face Posters of Ireland 2009?
Set Two: Download the PDF today!